Hey Amy, where can I get a Leslie Knope 2020 bumper sticker?

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Hey, Amy I need advice. There are these two boy's a grade bellow me and they keep daying things about my body that makes me feel uncomfortable, but here's the thing I have already told two different teacher's and there still has been nothing done. At this point I dont know what to do. Do you have any advice??

Hello Amy! My name is Ella, and I'm 12 years old (soon to be 13) but anyway, when I grow up, I want to be a writer for the most AMAZING Disney Pixar. I've wanted to do this ever since I was 6 years old. Now, I want to start getting more involved and learning how to get myself out there and make connections, which I believe is the most important thing, but I just don't know exactly HOW to do that or what I could even do in the first place when I'm 12 years old, ya' know? I've tried contacting this local business called Heroic Age  for advise or an internship or something but I've never heard back. I also work on my art and writing skills constantly but I want to do more because I know if I start being great now, imagine how great I can be in the future (And live my dream) Do you have any suggestions of how I could start now?
P.S.Thank you for reading, I love you.

-Fellow Smart Girl, Ella :)

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Hi ... Several people have suggested Amy's "Smart Girls" can help Sarah Parker, a Spanish teacher at Punahou School in Honolulu, HI, who left a great job at a wonderful school to study French pastry cooking.

A woman living a life of purpose, she now shares her passion to help Hawaii's homeless. Little Bites of Heaven (see video) shows how she connects self-worth, service, French pastry cooking, and surfing. :)

She needs some Aloha to get her Kickstarter campaign over the top. I hope you don't mind me posting it here. :)

Ok what have I suppose to have down know.

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Heirloom tomatoes harvested from my front yard for pseudo eggplant parm I baked.  

Am I supposed to ask Amy a question here?  OK.  Amy, what can we do to educate people about the potential death of our world's REAL food supply, if we don't stop Monsanto and their GMO frankenfoods?

There is so much mis-information out there, and not a whole lot of real info.  Any suggestions smart girls?

BTW:  I have loved this site for a while.  It is always entertaining and educational.  Thank you.
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