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“5 Tips to Create the Perfect Home Office Space”

Creating a home office is essential for any home, large or small. Not only is it a highly functional space, but when it comes time to sell, having a ready-made home office will further highlight the home’s potential and can boost your asking price. Creating a home office that is stylish, practical and relates to your current home decor is simple if you follow these five simple tips.

1. Size the desk appropriately

Choose a desk that will best work in the space available. A recessed hallway, for example, would best suit a long, narrow desk, while an empty corner would fit a small, repurposed square table. Keep the proportions on point to maximise your area. You don’t want to use a desk that will intrude into the room and make it difficult to get around, and a small desk in a larger space will look out of place and lost.

2. Include storage

Utilise shelves, cupboards and drawers so there’s room to store things like papers, books and extra computer cables. Desk storage options, such as vertical files and organisers, will help reduce clutter. Choose stylish, modern colours that match other design elements in your space to tie the area together. It looks much tidier with all the odds and ends packed up out of sight, and extra storage is always necessary in a busy home!

3. Get the right lighting

A bright, warm lamp is always comfortable and inviting, and a separate light will make your office nook feel more like its own space rather than just a dingy corner of a room. Whether you’ve got a clean, minimalist desk or an artists’ studio, good lighting is essential, and there’s a wide range of lighting options available that will suit any aesthetic. Place a stylish desk lamp on your study table, and at night, you’ll be able to shut off over head lights and work in a secluded, peaceful space.

4. Find a good chair

A good chair is important to a working home office, particularly if you work from home over long stretches of time. Repurposing a dining chair isn’t recommended, as it usually doesn’t protect your lower back – and it can be a pain dragging chairs around your house! It’s worth investing in a quality chair that will take care of your spine and also look good with the rest of your decor.

5. Decorate your space

Using decor appropriately can also help section off a study from the rest of the room and make it feel more like its own space. You don’t have to replace the wallpaper to distinguish your space. Find a large print or photo to hang over your desk if you don’t have a window. A rug on the floor beneath or around your desk will also help partition it from the rest of the room. Match the decor by finding similar hues and colours in your art, lighting, desk or floor covering to create a cohesive, harmonious space you’ll want to spend time in.

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“Integrating SEO And Web Designing For Better Marketing Campaign”

Search engine optimization or SEO is regarded as the founding stone for every business’s digital marketing strategy. Be it content marketing or link development, SEO approaches are an integral part of the job. With the correct SEO approach, your site can easily be able to beat out the competitors and feature more prominently in search results from various notable web directories. SEO and website designing are hence, interlinked to one another.
So, what can a business do to make its site search engine ready? Here are a few options to follow:

Update On a Regular Basis:

Google’s primary aim is to provide the best of services to its everyday users. Because of this, Google prioritizes on providing current and up-to-date information about pages that continue to remain stagnant over the years. This approach is critical to the SEO success of a business. These pages are updated on a regular basis, with images and news to notify about the business’s upcoming products and latest services. On the other hand, maintaining a blog, based on your latest business services, can be effective in making a positive impact to search algorithms.

The Concept Of Image SEO:

When it comes to optimizing the site’s images for search algorithms, you need to alt-tag every single picture available on the site. This will help in offering additional content to search engines. However, the concept of Image SEO is not restricted only to tagging. It is something bigger and more concise. Image SEO pinpoints the fact that bigger sized images result in slowing down the load time of a webpage, thus affecting the rankings in a negative way. Therefore, it is extremely important to scale down the images, as per the requirement. Also, it is better to choose the right keywords when naming the images. Always look for keywords that customers are more likely to choose when searching for products and services that your business offers.

When it comes to professional web designing agencies, the current algorithmic changes related to search engines are always kept track of. Adhering to the latest concepts and policies of search engines can make a business website perform in a better way in the directory listing site.

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“Advice For The New Realtor”

If you’re new to the realty business, then you’re probably a little nervous to pick up your first few clients and begin working.

These nerves are normal and a healthy part of becoming a realtor. It’s important to take a deep breath and remember why you went into this career in the first place.

Being a realtor is a lifestyle choice. It’s for the fiercely independent and those with growth mindsets who want to live a certain lifestyle. You’re already on the right path by choosing this career, so here are a few tips on how you can make the most of it early on.

Attend Many Interviews:

When you’re first starting off, don’t settle with the first job offer you receive unless it’s your dream job. Apply to a lot of places at once and take every interview. Once you interviewed with multiple places, hopefully you’ll receive a few offers and from there you can choose which firm suits you best.

Don’t forget that it’s okay to negotiate your salary as well.

Having multiple job offers in your back pocket will help with this too. Negotiating your salary is an important step with every job offer so that you can be sure you’re being paid what you deserve.

Find a Mentor:

Early on in your career you need someone to learn the ropes from. This is a formative time for you and it’s important to have positive influences around you to help develop your skill set.

Find a well-respected realtor at your firm and see if you can job shadow them, or at least have them take you under their wing. This will allow you to gain advice that many don’t learn for years within the industry.

Develop Your Marketing Strategy:

As a realtor, you need a marketing strategy. Competition is fierce for realtor’s because people want as many clients as possible and you need to be ready to compete for them as well.

Do some research into realty marketing tactics to enlist yourself so that you can set yourself apart.

Make sure to give yourself a marketing budget as well. Will you need to buy signs and if you do, how many signs do you need?

Do you want your own website? Perhaps a billboard? These are all important questions to ask. In realty, it’s hard to make money without spending any.

Know What You’re Selling:

Memorize the details of every piece of property that you sell. For instance, if one of your clients is a registered massage therapist in Toronto, then you need to know what retail spaces you have in your listing that will fit the needs of a massage therapist, versus say a clothing store. Once know your listings from heart, it’s much easier to build a list of places for this client to view.

Always Search for New Clients:

Realty is a continual business and you’re never finished looking for new clients. Even if you feel that you have enough on your plate, you can always be in the market for picking up new clients. This will help you to avoid quiet periods where you only have a few clients, because you never know when a house may sell. In addition to this, by always looking for new clients you are able to keep your marketing skills sharp.

Create a Schedule:

One thing that realtor’s often get caught doing is a lot of small tasks throughout the day that end up being inefficient and wasting time. In order to avoid this you should create a strict work schedule for yourself so you can stay focused on the most important tasks.

An effective method of schedule building is to block out sections of time to work on the most important tasks. This is also a great way to give yourself some extra free time in the day. Block out a two to three hour section of time at least once a day to focus on your biggest tasks for the day. Your productivity will sky rocket with this one simple thing.

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“6 Reasons to Join a Property Management Organization or Landlord Association”

1. You’ll have access to continuing education and resources
2. You’ll gain the opportunity to earn certifications and other credentials to differentiate yourself from the competition
3. You’ll get to network and share knowledge with your peers
4. You’ll stay up-to-date on industry news and changing regulations
5. You’ll get exposure to the latest technologies, tools, and vendors
6. You’ll gain access to a pool of experienced applicants and job boards when it’s time to hire someone new

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“What Makes Your Business Different from the Competition”

What sets your business apart? In marketing jargon, this is also known as finding your “unique value proposition.

In a nutshell, this helpful concept seeks to define what you offer customers that your competitors don’t, and how you can solve your customers’ problems or improve their lives better than any other business.

Determining your unique value proposition (and getting it down on paper) is a useful part of developing a business plan that will consistently inform your marketing strategy and tactics.
Easy-to-implement tips on defining your business’s unique value proposition:

• Ask Around. Ask your clients if they would refer your business to friends, and what they would say about your product or service. These insights will help you figure out what customers appreciate most about your business.

• Find Your Intersection. Focus your unique value proposition on the intersection of three things:

o What you do best.
o What your ideal clients value (and will pay for).
o What you love to do.

Once you’ve defined what makes your products or services unique, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to market them to customers and how to beat your competitors.

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“Building a Mobile App For Your Business is Easier Than You Think”

There are four main options for small business owners interested in building a mobile app.

• Hire a firm to design and build a custom app for your company. If your company needs a specific function or design in your app, you can have a custom app developed. This is the costliest option, but gives you the most control.
• Purchase a “white label” app. White label apps from services like BuildFire use an existing framework that is customized with your logo, products and services. You can choose how you want your app to perform and the services you want it to provide users. This option will give you the look and feel of a custom-built app, typically for less money. However, customization options may be limited.
• Build your own app using an online template. Several major web hosting sites including: Wix, GoDaddy and Wordpress offer integrated mobile app templates. This is an affordable option and perfect for those who require only basic app functions.
• Join an app platform designed for your industry. From the restaurant industry’s OpenTable to retailers’ StampMe customer loyalty app, many industries have the benefit of established mobile platforms where businesses can connect with customers. While this provides fewer options than creating your own app, an app platform can provide your company with a wider reach among your target customers. This is a good option for businesses with a tight digital marketing budget.

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“Rents are Falling Now What”

There is a sky-high limit to housing prices. And we may be close or have exceeded the limit. Rents have spiraled higher for years. Vacancy rates have been declining all along the way.

Home purchase prices have followed suit. Single-family home inventory is exceptionally tight. Construction is stagnant. Interest rates have risen and are expected to stay on an upward trajectory.

The question investors should be asking themselves is “who can continue affording these increases?” The answer is that the middle class cannot.

Last year, 37 percent of all homes sold in the U.S. were purchased for investment purposes. Today, the big markets are resorting to rent concessions to keep properties occupied. According to a June 8, article in
Curbed New York:

“It’s the same old story with concessions—they still dominate.

The share of new transactions with rent concessions was 25.1 percent, nearly doubled from last May’s 12.6 percent. Renters are now nabbing 1.3 months of free rent or an equivalent perk, up just slightly from this time last year. With concessions factored in, the cost for May’s median Manhattan rental came out to $3,377. And by offering renters perks, landlords have lowered the vacancy rate—it fell from 2.51 percent a year ago to 1.72 percent.”

Other sources show San Francisco is also experiencing declines in rental income. Rent Cafe’s Apartment Market

Report, shows a 3.3 percent decline in monthly rent over the year. Being tier 1 rental markets, both have seen much more new housing construction than most of the country. New housing typically demands higher rents but reality is these have become un-affordable leading to rent concessions.

The homeownership rate in 2016 was the lowest in 50 years, as renting has become increasingly the more frequent choice compared to purchasing. This downward trend is likely to continue as fewer marginal borrowers are squeaking by to qualify for increasingly expensive mortgages.

First, consider the front-end ratio of those trying to qualify for a mortgage. The front-end ratio is the percentage of yearly gross income dedicated toward paying the mortgage each month.

The total mortgage payment consists of four components PITI): principal, interest, taxes and insurance. A good rule of thumb is that PITI should not exceed 28% of gross income. However, many lenders allow 30%.

Just as important is the back-end ratio (also known as the debt-to-income ratio) that includes gross income required to cover all debts. These include credit card payments, child support, and other outstanding loans (i.e. auto, student, etc.). A 50 percent debt-to-income ratio isn’t going to get a buyer their dream home. Most lenders recommend that DTI not exceed 36 percent of gross income.

Even a slight uptick in interest rates disqualifies many middle-income buyers when prices and debt-to-income ratios are stretched to extremes the way these are today. A borrower that was barely able to qualify for a $120,000 loan at 3.42 percent last October would see their qualifying level drop by $11,000 ($109,000) with interest rates at 4.2 percent today. That’s assuming they have the 10 to 20 percent down payment and meet the debt ratio qualifications.

The top markets show that rents are beginning to peak.

Purchase prices are way up. Interest rates are expected to continue rising. Yes, inventory is tight but so is the ability for Middle America to afford ever more expensive housing. The real estate bubble that some are predicting might not develop but almost certainly, housing price stagnation is here to stay for a while.

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