Is SPMC only optimiced for the Shield TV or can i use also on my new Sony Android TV?

Has à shield user I use spmc instead kodi now.

Works very well.

But... Humm the logo... It's deserve to be more WHAOU Isnt it ?

Great works I'll donate 

Im new to this,just downloaded spmc,so how do i get the add ons on to it,or am i better just sticking to the original kodi or the ax view one ive downloaded?thanks

What are some advantages over installing this version over original kodi on nexus 6? Thanks for your time

I've always used the Kodi official on my Shield 16G. I just installed SPMC latest 16.1 beta for the first time and I'm happy to see the "Sync Playback to Display" option present. I read it could not be possible on android due to kernel limitation. Now what's the best usage? Can I keep enabled both "Sync Playback to Display" AND "Adjust Display Refresh Rate" (Always) ?
Great job! (I even donated for that!)

Great news :) Koying you build the 16.1.1 and is available for download.
I have one question though, "Important: No more Rockchip specific support as of this version" what does this means? If we have a Rockchip device, should we stick to 15 or can we move to 16.1. Thanks for the great job

I build 16.1 from github to be used on Minix Neo X7, firmware Kitkat 250.
It works great, seemingly more stable than original 16.0 but I experience some micro audio drops during playback. On original Jarvis, I did not notice this.

I see on Github you now have a 16.1.0-SPMC release. If it's ready for installation, would you be able to post an .apk?


Will be updated to version kodi 16 ?

He koying i see you are busy with Jarvis.... will SPMC still have RockChip specifics? Because the original kodi doesnt work on rk3188 minix x7
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