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Hey everyone😊 anyone wanna rp?

Name: Victoria Maiden
Race: hybrid (half human half angel)
Age: 18 1/2
Gender: female
sexuality: straight
weapons: sword, knives, and ax
magic: healing, water
Personality: kind, friendly, will always be there for people
Bio: Victoria was a normal girl who lived with her parents until she was fifteen. Some demons killed her parents and so she ran off but now she isn't afraid to kill demons and protect people.

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Name: Jude Mathis

Race: Human

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: ude is usually calm and composed, but also has a nasty habit of poking his nose where it does not belong, and can get into trouble because of this. He frequently becomes concerned about things that others have no interest in a trait he does not outgrow even when others tells him he cannot concern himself with other people's business

Likes: People working together, helping others, reading

Dislikes: Killing

Weapons: Bracers

Power: Healing and elemental artes

Fighting Style: Jude prefers melee-based combat over weaponry, primarily utilizing his fists as weapons with the aid of bracers
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Thanks for the invite

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♡Name: "Well... the names Lusty~"

♡Likes: "Oh!~ Well, I like sweets, cuddles, being patted, playing around, and making new friends!~"

♡Dislikes: "Hmph...~ I hate being alone, people being rude to me, and sometimes scary things..~"

♡Gender: "Female!~ Duh!~"

♡Sexuality: "Well...~ I like males and females, so I'm bi~"

♡Species: "I'm a cute fox!~"

♡Personality: "Always kind to people~ Childish~" she giggles like a child "And energetic!~"

♡Age: "Hmph..~ I'm not telling you..~" she looks away

♡Bio: "Well...~ I think I remember waking up in a middle of a forest..?~ I couldn't find my parents...~ So, I was a lonely fox in a forest..~ But, I kinda know how to survive on my own, since I'm, somewhat, an adult..~ But, anyways!~ I hope we'll be great friends!~" her tail sways left and right

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Name : Tank Dempsey
Age : unknown
Bio : i was a American spy to check what the german up in group 935 base of thier secret weapon and report them back to my army and few years later group 935 wake up the dead kill the german solder and i was got to richtofen and saw two agents spys was nikola and takeo three of us aim at each other and i saw richtofen walk to and both of them are behind me and all of us saw a endless of zombies and richtofen look up and a light show up on four of us and stomped and somehow we live and all of us team up and killed zombies
Weapon : m1911,mauser C96,Mr6,wunderwaffe DG-2,Mg08-15,Remington new model army,Dingo,mx garand,ffar,thundergun,lighting staff,bowie knife
Hair color : brown
Eyes color : blue
Race : human,Caucasian
Gender : male
Personally : nice and mean

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Here’s the territory M is in.

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names Alex nice to meet you

age: mid 20's

strengths and weaknesses: i get stronger by consuming and i regenerate more quickly and my armor skill makes me immune to projectiles except explosive projectiles and ripping off my arms is a large weakness i cannot regenerate them unless i consume something else

bio: alex mercer is a test subject of a virus that has been exposed to his city military has quarantined the whole island but sooner or later it spreads taking over a whole content the left of the survivors is kept under military watch but still trying to find a cure but its hopeless its their fault my whole family is dead.... but im not going to fall nor bow... ill kill anything in my way i swear....
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