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Greetings Beautiful Souls!

It is not enough to sympathetically hope the world will heal. Though we like to think the human intellect can find a way, it is the human mind that holds us in the prison and causes us to have problems. So what can we do?

We can contact and transmit Divine Energy and Love to the world. We do not have to be fully enlightened beings to contact this power or to transmit it. We have been mentally conditioned and programmed to doubt, fear, and reject divine union with cosmic energy. Though we have forgotten our True Self and Source, we are made of Eternal Energy, the stuff of stars, and can readily contact and transmit it.

With Light and In Light, PortiaSLB
Here is a practice to consider:

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We all are mothers in a universal way! You create!

The Feminine Principle is Love manifest through You in all that You are and do!

You create WITH the Feminine Principle, with the help of The Great Creator.

We create our reality through Love, yet since Love is a twin of Mind we may create issues through the subconscious ego.

Remember that the Female Principle Loves unconditionally so all issues we face are also based in Love. We can find love in them, all are lessons of Love.

We are to feed the ego with Love so that it is refined and all fearful ideas and traits are eliminated.

So every time you feel frustrated, angry or alone - go silent quieting the ego. Touch your heart and feel the Love there! It well help you synchronize with Love!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Photo: New Zealand, 2018, PSLB

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The Law of Gender is a very creative power. And it has a major impact in our life because we create our reality through that power. However, we are usually unconscious of how we create through that power.

The major impact the Law of Gender has in our life starts on mental plane. We experience, see or hear something and swallow it subconsciously (mental female gender). The subconscious is a very fertile ground, so what is planted there grows. Eventually it returns to our consciousness (mental male gender) and influences our mental processing. We have become conditioned.

The Law of Gender influences our reality because conditioning is a major factor in creating traditions, superstitions, beliefs, cultures. Even our personality.


We have been conditioned not only by family, but also by our friends, the environment and culture we live in, by media and the internet. Memes spread from person to person unconsciously. Memes are attitudes and behaviors that are passed from one individual to another especially by imitation, and are very contagious. We mimic each other unconsciously.

But memes and fearful attitudes can grow in the subconscious unknowingly. We may become afraid to be home alone at night. And insist the lights and television be turned on because we’re prone to imagining all kinds of terrors and not know the real reason why!

For more and a list of attitudes that are highly contagious, but you may be unconsciously affected by them, kindly click on link below:

In the hope you find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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Good day beautiful Lightbearers!

Mindful observation can expand your conscious and connect with your heart!

Consider these expansions:

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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Today’s consideration:

We are representatives of Truth. And we manifest Truth physically naturally even though we may be unconscious of it. Sometimes others can see things in us that we have ignored or are blind to.

Yet we manifest our repeated thoughts and emotions, our conditioning , our fears and our dominant attitudes. They manifest in our speech and behaviors.

When we go within, touch our heart and relate to our Love there, is then we are better able to manifest the highest Truth of ourselves... in our attitudes, behaviors and thoughts. We condition ourselves to express the best of ourselves and advance our evolution. And that helps us live more harmoniously in our reality now.

We walk gently . We say what we mean. And we look forward to the possibilities in our future while mindful in the present with eyes wide open!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB


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Every spring I would enjoyed a rose bush I had planted. It would grow more beautiful every day and I was so proud of how beautiful it was. But one spring the rosebush gradually begin to yellow and eventually died. I didn’t blame the rosebush. I tried to figure out what went wrong.

Relationships thrive on sincere affection. Like a rosebush relationships grow more beautiful and rewarding with the proper conditions. But if we place blame on someone for problems it causes problems to get worst.

Take these steps and Consider the rosebush when you are experiencing troubles.

For more see link below.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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Greetings Lightbearers

Been traveling again!!

This is a video of a butterfly in slow motion which I took in the jungle in Pinang Malaysia. At the end the film it returns to real time and you get a brief glimpse of how fast it was really fluttering!

Amazing nature! Lightbearers all!

The butterfly is symbolic of the soul. From caterpillar with limited vision, to quiet inner working transitional period, to liberation as a beautiful butterfly!

Man is beautiful and our soul can be freed from the ego through Love.

Hope you enjoy it!

With Love and Light, PortiaSLB

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España: 806424332 - España: 934363263
USA Toll Free: 0014076800313
UK Toll Free: 00448081687022
México 00525553510757
Francia: 0033974593093
Tirada de Tarot Secreta completa:
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The Whole Person Concept

Too often, we forget that a person is made up of more stuff that we show gratitude and appreciation for. I have never known the days when it was standard to look at each person as a Whole Person.

That might sound a bit odd – BUT – think about it a moment…

How do you view the people in your life? Can you honestly say you see them as a whole or do you just look at and relate to them in part?

The world's greatest resource is people and to view them any less than as a whole is truly a disservice to them and you.

This article focuses on the "Whole Person Concept." Essentially, it means truly viewing each person to whom you are connected in completeness.

The more you can see, understand, appreciate and show gratitude for all that a person is, the better the results you will achieve in your personal growth. Furthermore, the more you truly see a person for all that they are, the greater value you are able to add to their lives. Basically, the Whole Person Concept is a sure way to fuel motivation, empowerment, hope and ultimately true success.

The Whole Person Concept says that a person is made up of 4 quadrants – body, mind, heart and spirit. Truly successful individuals understand the importance of growing positively in all these areas. None of these are neglected in the equation because the health of each determines how high you will climb. To the degree that you can nurture and develop the 4 quadrants of you and also in others, the results you and they achieve will mirror alike.

For instance, I could, and I have, ask 100 people in a room "How many believe that the individuals that work for your organization possess more talent, more creativity and more passion than your current job requires or even allows?" Almost 100% of the time more than 90% of the people in that room raise their hands.

Now I don't know about you but to me that is a crying shame – utterly despicable. Why would any company want to hire a half a person or only part of a person? It makes perfect sense why we continue to see declines in productivity and efficiency. No one is truly valued and therefore remain unmotivated and unfulfilled. This is a recipe for lackluster results to say the least.

The Whole Person Concept requires that you tap into all 4 parts of the human make-up; body, mind, heart and spirit.

The Body

The body represents health, goods and services – it is where we meet our physical needs. Taking care of the body is crucial to your personal growth and success simply because we live in a physical world. Without a healthy body, one becomes lethargic, lazy and unmotivated.

As it relates to body, it is also important to understand the underlying symbol such as goods and services. If your goods and services are below standard, have little value and meet the needs of no one – they are useless. In other words, taking care of the body does not just mean your physical body; but also that of your work as well as your goods and services. These are also elements of the body.

Companies that put in place a strategic focus on health, work-life balance and the importance of a healthier lifestyle continue to see increases year after year in productivity, efficiency and overall morale. No matter what else is going on in the economy, when the needs of the body are met, increases in almost every area is automatic.
This is the reason it is so important not only to nurture and develop the body in positive ways but also to help others do the same.

The Mind

So often we fail to treat people like people and instead treat them more like machines. This is a prevalent condition in the corporate world. In fact, I find it absolutely ludicrous that in this day and age, you still find machines on the asset side of the balance sheet while people remain on the liability side of the balance sheet.

The truth is that it is extremely imperative for growth that we focus on tapping into and building the minds of others. Too often, people's true gifts and talents are overlooked because someone is following what it meant to be a guide as if it's the end all be all of knowledge.

The Whole Person Concept demands that you seek to grow your mind and tap into the minds of others. Find out what other people are truly good at and then help them to cultivate that in an effort to create and distribute value to others in unique ways.

So many times when you hear people complain about work, you hear about what the company is doing wrong and how no one listens to them. This is the cry of more than 90% of all employees working everywhere. This to me is a travesty.

Instead of telling people how to do something, simply relay the results you are trying to achieve and then turn them loose to find the best ways to accomplish the task. Give them the mission, make sure that they buy in and then refrain from policing their methods in how they achieve the goal.

I guarantee that the more you can do this for yourself and others, the greater the results you will achieve. A major reason for this is that people will more quickly commit to and promote what they help to create.
Remember that in the mind lives your true gifts and talents and through the body you can bring these to life. Any limitations on this will limit your personal growth and the results you achieve.

The Heart

The Heart is where your true passion lives; it is where your innermost desires are born. Countless people go about their lives every day wishing for the moment when they will get the opportunity to truly do what they are passionate about.

In my experience, it does you no good to wait around for the opportunity to come to you – go forth and create it. Too many times, companies and people forget to find out what really drives others. It is important to know what makes people get out of bed in the morning – what people would do whether they got paid or not.

Think about it…

If money were no object, what would you be doing with your time? Are you doing that right now?

I am almost certain that most people would have to answer No to the second question. The sad fact is that 99% of people do not spend the bulk of their time doing what they are truly passionate about – what they truly love to do. Companies focus even less on tapping into this part of a person. They seem to function on the premise that as long as their ends are achieved, all is good. All the while though, frustration, depression and ultimately turnover begins to plague that organization. Companies with smart leadership do the opposite and see tremendous success because of it.

Even when people stay on the job, it is often just because they need a paycheck – a portion of which they spend deriving their fulfillment off the job.

In order to bring out the true greatness in others, focus on helping them to realize and develop their true passion.

Passionate people always deliver better results. When you feel passionate about what you are doing, motivation, hope and empowerment all become second nature. This is a recipe for greatness.

When you are able to match people's gifts and talents with what they are passionate about, the possibilities become limitless in the success you can achieve.

The Spirit

In order to make significant strides in your personal growth and help others to grow, it is vital that you nurture and grow the spirit. The spirit is where your conscience lives – this is your inner compass. Your core values and beliefs are formed here. This is the helm from which you direct the other 3 quadrants.

The spirit tells you whether or not what you are doing is right. It validates your choices; either they are aligned with your true beliefs or they are not. When we make choices that are directed by our spirit, the results we achieve will most certainly be greater by leaps and bounds.

Just to be clear, the spirit does not necessarily have anything to do with your religious beliefs. It is more about making choices that come from your inner blueprint – the mantra by which you live your life. The spirit is where you decipher whether or not through your passion, your true gifts and talents and your service – you are truly creating and distributing value to others. The spirit is at the nucleus of body, mind and heart. Working together, they are more powerful than most can imagine.

The Whole Person

You can never truly see a person unless you can appreciate and show gratitude for all 4 quadrants of that person. True greatness comes from building all 4 – making them strong. To achieve significant strides in your personal growth, it is imperative that you understand this concept and endeavor to develop each of the 4 quadrants in yourself. Once you begin to do that, helping others to achieve the same will become a habit.

Too often parts of us sit on the sidelines waiting for the coach to put us in the game. I say stop waiting – get off the sidelines and just get in the game. The only person stopping you is you.

When you next interact with someone see the whole of that person.

What is in their body, mind, heart and spirit?

Michael J Robey
Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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