And another.. can our USDA FMPP (federal grant) be listed as in-kind contribution? (I know it cant be counted as cash) Thanks.

Hey guys,

Question 1: Is this OK?
Executive Director: 50% of time in-kind to ORGANIZATIONAL management, 25% of time in-kind as PROJECT DIRECTOR, 25% of time paid as PROJECT DIRECTOR.

I would be FT Project Manager.

Question 2:
How shall we account for the use/contribution of tractor, backhoe and other equipment? (we could use full value of equipment? or by the hour w/operator in-kind?)
And existing pig/chicken building and other infrastructure?

We would like to use some of that as in-kind. (and what do you mean by leveraged resource v/ in-kind?)

Please advise.

Thanks, Andrea

Hi from San Francisco.  Thank you for including me in this commuity forum. I appreciated the webinar today. I would like to ask if your group or this community maintains a listing or inventory of NGOs/CBOs/FBOs who are actively providing technical assistance/program support/implementation in Guam, CNMI, and American Samoa, description of their governance structure (pacific islander role with organizational leadership and management); and what type of assistance is being provided; and if you do, is this data available for sharing?  Thank you/subroto

Do you guys have any sense of when we might be hearing about the ANA SEDS?

HI!  I submitted last week (April 8th) and received a tracking number, verification and notice that it was submitted to the agency. But as of today, no agency tracking number. Should I do something?

1. It would appear from page 45 of the FOA that they want all of this in one PDF? But there are separate places in the application package for Budget and Budget Narrative and for Other mandatory attachments. Please advise. Thanks!
Table of Contents
Project Narrative (Objectives and Need for Assistance, Outcomes Expected, Approach, Geographic
Location, Organizational Capacity, Protection of Sensitive and/or Confidential Information, and the
Plan for Oversight of Federal Award Funds)
Budget and Budget Justification, including travel to required ANA trainings and meetings
Project Summary/Abstract
Required Governing Body Documentation
Assurance of Community Representation on Board of Directors, if applicable
Proof of Non-profit Status, if applicable
Commitment of Non-federal resources
Job Descriptions
Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, if applicable
Letters of Support
Third-Party Agreements, if applicable
Business Plan, if applicable
Other attachments if necessary

2. Also- am I correct in assuming that Budget NARRATIVE (as it says on the application package upload) and Budget and Budget Justification are the same thing? and that I upload it there and not attached to the narrative?

Aloha! Question.. the 150 page limit on SEDS includes the appendix material, too? Resumes, Letters of Commitment, etc..?

And another question.. Is there a limit on what %age salaries can be of the total grant?

Post has shared content

Post has shared content
Please join us on Wednesday for an online workgroup specifically for grantwriting teams in the Pacific. We'll be holding these Workgroup Webinars each Wednesday until the April 15 deadline. This will be a really informal session, in which we'll address FAQs that we've been getting in our office and then open the room up for an hour-long Q&A session and discussion. RSVP for the Event in Google Communities to receive regular updates about the session.
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