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Please read, especially if your new

Drakeclan and Solarclan have been added!! you can run to be leader in Solarclan!!
I will be making all leaders,deputies, and med-cats moderators, so if your not a leader,deputy, or med-cat don't ask to be one!

Rules for roleplay: no more than 4 characters or I will ask you to get rid of a few unless your a leader or deputy then your limit is 5, no swearing/cussing, no superpowers, no power playing, no magic med-cat healing (use herbs med-cats not powers), and no coming back to life (unless your a leader and you have lives left).

Hi everyone! So in this community you can make your own clan (go to making a clan to find out how one can be made) you can also join any clan that is made by: saying your clan name, rank you want to be, personality, description of cat (color etc), gender, and what clan you want to be in :)

 Name: Sparrowstar
 Rank: leader of Moonclan (This is true)
  Personality: Quiet, calm, quick to act
  Gender: Female
 Description: greyish-bown with darker ears and back,   and lighter under-belly paws, and tail-tip

leader: +Sparrowfeather (Sparrowstar)
apprentice, Brightpaw
deputy: +WeeabooSammeh  (Rockshade)
Apprentice: Willowpaw
Med-cat: +K McCormick (Morningblossom
apprentice, Snakepaw and Stormpaw
Warriors: Stripetail +Zaiko 1
Whiteclaw +Zaiko 1
Snowlight +BreadSticks :3
Seedfur +Zaiko 1
Flowerpelt +Zaiko 1
Sootpelt +Dave OBrien 
Queen:Nightheart +K McCormick 
Apprentices:Snakepaw(med-cat apprentice) +Feather Kit
Willowpaw +Feather Kit
Brightpaw +Feather Kit
Stormpaw and Flamepaw +Ivypool -Warriors
Mudpaw +Feather Kit
Kits: Ashkit +Deer Star, and Coalkit +Sparrowfeather

leader: +BreadSticks :3 (Miststar),
Deputy: Thorntail +Zaiko 1 
Med-cat: Snowlight +Lpsstrawberry Savvy 
Warriors: Mistrunner and Nova +BreadSticks :3
Apprentices: Pearlpaw +foal lili dash 

Leader: Wolfstar +Dracen Himitsu The Shape Shifting Robot
Deputy: Shycloud +Kamryn Thompson 
Apprentices: Bristlepaw +WeeabooSammeh

Leader: Owlstar +CottonBunny_Growls 79 
Med-cat: Darkface
Warriors: Echofeather +Enddy Wolf
Kits: Creamkit +Misty The Magic Wizard

Shalquoir +The Plague

Are we making a book or animation series about this ?cause if we are I can make the book.

Any one want to rp?

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Durring a hunting trip look what I found! Two adoptables! The cornish rex's name is badgerpelt and the savana cat's name is jaguarclaw. All names are changeable, reply if you are intrested in a new oc!
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This is SpiritClaw

This is my Oc :3
Age:25 moons
Gender: female
Apearence: a black she cat with icy blue eyes, white tipped tail, and a light blue bloodclan collar.
Personally: Tom-boyish, with a little temper.
Story: after a fire that killed her twoleg home and her family SpiritClaw ran to the city and had a run-in with bloodclan finds out in a dream that SpiritClaw's aunt is quince so it is revealed that scourage is SpiritClaw's God brother, and when scourage died SpiritClaw got chased away by a thunderclan cat and ended up here. :3
Please note: If I made a mistake it's probably because I have spell check on my tablet, and I wanted to go out and not ruin the rise of scourage of going in by saying that SpiritClaw is scourage's sister because the readers don't know scourage's whole family.

Hello!! May i join your fanbase or whatever its called :3 ill post my warrior oc when you reply

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This is a community where you can rp as a warrior from the warrior cat series we just started over so there are spots open so hurry up and join!!

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Its me k McCormick sorry I haven't Been on in like a year but I made a new account✌✌

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Name fern stream
Clan iceclan?
Rank warrior
Gendar shecat
Mate open

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