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Name: Kenna 
Likes: Nail Polish
Age: 16
Powers: All 
Bio: Kenna Is Selfish And No One Likes Her But She Has A Reason And This Is Her Story

Kenna Was Told She Had A Birthmark Shaped Like A Peacesign But She Didnt And Still Thinks She Has It Today She Had A Cute Boyfriend But A Few Days After She Told Him She Had That Birthmark She Broke Up With Her After That She Thought That It Was Becuz Of How She Looked So She Died Her Fur And Got A Tattoo She Did The Tattoo Herself But She Failed And Ended Up Cutting Herself Badly She Did The Tattoo On Her Chest And It Went To Her Heart And It Gave Her A Hole Straight Through Her Heart And Almost Killed Her Her Parents Called Her Ex-Boyfriend And  He Said NO I DONT CARE ABOUT HER EVEN IF SHE HAS A HOLE IN HER HEART They Hung Up And Called The Hospital While Her Ex-Boyfriend Was Crying And Then Killed Himself A Few Weeks Later When Kenna Was Looking Dead At The Hospital The Doctor Had Bad News She Was Dead And Both Of Her Parents Killed Themself But Kenna Wasnt Dead She Just Was Barely Breathing And Looked Dead She Woke Up 14 Years Later Underground Baried And Dug Her Way Up She Was Confused But Was Coughing So Much She Couldnt Think So She Ran To Her House And It Was Abandoned She Was Even More Confused And Went To Her Friends House And Cryed Cuz They Werent There She Realized They Must Of I Was Dead And Killed Themself A Few Seconds Later She Fell To The Ground And Stopped Breathing And Her Head Broke Into Peices Every Car Saw Her And Imediatly Called The Police Or The Hospital And They Surrounded Her There Were Anbulances And Police Cars And Her Ex Boyfriends Ghost. The Reason Why Kenna Fell To The Ground Is Unknown She Was In The News About Dead Girl Comes Back To Life And Is Sent Straight To The Emergency Room 5 Months She Was Not Breathing But Who Knew She Could Survive She Broke A World Record And A Few Weeks Later She Woke Up And Had A Permanent Head Injury She Couldnt Remember Anything She Had To Go To  24 Schools Cuz She Couldnt Remember Anything About School So Then She Is Now In This One And She Is Mean,Kills People And She Is Bullied And Wants Atleast 1 Friend That Can Understand Her 

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name: aspin (really nice but she hides a lot )
 likes alone time and hiding and her twin brother also likes to make music 
 age 16
powers unknown but she can do almost any thing and  teleport  invisible
bio she is secretive nobody cares about her she likes hiding from people and she leaves class some times and nobody ever see her at lunch she is always in the corner and she has no parents and she always gets teased for her eyes and  she is the best sing in the place and she is really good with electronics  
animal it can turn into  wolf and the rest is unknown  
fav color white
 favorite things to do hide and run 
 crush open 
female or taken female
 female or male female
dorm number 110
locker number 101

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name raven 
likes his twin  sister 
age 16
powers winter 
bio he is the only one who knows about aspin and he is very nice 
dislikes bullies 
animal can turn into wolf bat and white tiger 
fav color red
favorite things to do hang with his sis  
crush open  
single or taken single
female or male  male
dorm number 101
locker number 110

Here are the leaders of the groups so far ;) :
Popular : Evangeline
Jocks : Jason
Goth : Faith
Nerds : Paisley

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Name: Josh
Age: 17
Likes: Messing with Ari, hot girls
Dislikes: Ari and Jonah
Crush: none
Group: jock or popular
Bio: a jerk and hates ari and Jonah.. He sometimes steals him...

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Name: Ari
Age: 18
Likes: Her son (Jonah), her friends, boys, books
Dislikes: bullies, being single, abusers
Personality: Nice, Protective, depressed,
Crush: none.
Group: Goth/emo
Bio: has a son named Jonah. Single.

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Name: Paisley
Age: 15
Likes: Boys, the Internet
Dislikes: bullies,
Crush: none
Bio: Paisleys a nerd..:P
Group: nerd

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Name : Evangeline Williams
Age : 16
Group : Populars
Rank : Leader
About : Hot girl with a talent for singing, Pretty Sassy, owns a huge Mansion that she shares with Jason
Crush : ...
S/T : S

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Name: Jonah
Age: 4
Likes: his mommy
Dislikes: his mommy being sad
Crush: none
Bio: is Ari's son.. A definite mommys boy
Group: he's not in HS yet so none

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name: paige
age: 16
likes: having fun, being herself, wolfs ect
dislikes: being bullied, bullies, drugs ect
personality: shy, nice, outgoing, funny, cute
crush: nuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
group: Popular (but nice)
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