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I honestly would like to know how do I update my chrome browser when it's not allowing me to do so?For instance, it has a red arrow pointing upwards. I don't get the picture BC its not even allowing me to download anything. It's always a errors 

why!! why did all great stuff in drones be tookin out be cause of hacks

when all i wanted for christmas is a new xbox one. well suposefly you cant buy one in a color that is nice.(sorry xbox one s). But now im having trouble doing that darn. So rockstar only can make the game GTA 5 for the console. So i challenge rockstar games to create a xbox one s design of gta 6 when it is out. Thank you


Hi, does anybody managed to add an external antenna to improve wifi signal reception?
Thanks in advance

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Eu tenho um Bear Black Panter composto de 65 libras...gosto mto dele... Comecei a praticar c ele é no segundo dia aferindo a mira já estava fazendo mosca, meu irmão comprou ele de um cara de NY EUA e não viu que estava configurado pra canhoto, pagou o equivalente à 900 reais e me vendeu por 300, me dei bem já que eu sou canhoto e peguei um arco completo com quite de pesca 6 flexas sendo 3 com ponta de caça tudo em fibra de carbono...dou uma média diária de 30 tiros/dia e não sinto mas dores kkkk. Quem quiser ver o meu vídeo procura no YouTube: teste com arco à 10 metros.

How to use chromecast to hack

When casting the desktop on ChromeOS the shared audio function no longer works. I still receive the prompt asking if I want to Share My Audio but no audio is outputted from the monitor. When casting tabs the audio still works perfect. I've tried on a few different Chromebooks with the same results. Also casting the desktop on a PC the audio works as normal. I have over 60 Chromecast installed at work and need desktop audio working again for the hundreds of Chromebooks in use.

My main testing machine is a Lenovo Chromebook 13 running 54.0.2840.101 64bit.

Cast Firmware 1.21.74816

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There is a Chromecast audio ROM that I can flash on the first generation Chromecast?
I want to use only the audio.

Hello friends, is it possible to transmit only video to tv but keep audio on smartphone?
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