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Name: Nayori Kujaku

Age: 27

Height/Weight: 108.862 Kilograms/182.88 CM.

Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, normally seen in the attire labeled below.

Weapon: Two Kodachi, Disguised as a long sword, it looks like a long blade, but when you pull the top, and the handle then two mini blades are revealed, this is to instill confusion in his opponent.

Numbing Slash: Being slashed deeply by either of the blades with give you a numbing feel, you will have no ability to feel for the next 24 hours.

Shinigami Stroke: With the ability to create portal to the death realm due to the emblem on the bottom of his sword, Nayori can bring forth a shinigami, to judge the person in front of him, if guilty, the person will fight the shinigami, and if they succeed then Nayori will be required to flee, his energy is going down and quick.

Speed/Strength/Endurance: Speed: 2.5 Strength: 10 Endurance: 2.5

After Nayori took of the city Kuroki, he crafted the tournament. As a fighter himself he loved watching the murderous sport, he fights around the city sometimes, disguised as a 16 year old highschool boy.
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