Two significant bugs of note - viewing promo vids crashes the game semi-frequently, and player.dat got fried.

Nitpicky requests - show how selected inventory stats compare to equipped (wep dmg, armor) along with bonus stats.

Make hitboxes for window close button a little bit larger.

Relocate orange button that pops up in battle; overlaps with HUD.

So, my game updated today (saw a playstore notification saying that). I played a little bit but didn't notice anything different so I'm assuming it was a bug fix. Anyway, my questions are:
- was this just a bug fix?
- is there a place where I could read a comprehensive list of what has changed (not only for this update in particular, but for the updates in general)?


After joining the game wouldn't even load my friend said uninstall and reinstall now I can't even install the game what do I do?

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I joined already but when i open my account to play store there is no update availabe

I did everything join ' cancel then rejoin but i still didn't receive any updates,, please help

Can We have the beta version for iPad? Thank you

Is this beta Android only? I play on both my Kindle and iPad.

Wheres the companion button,?!!

How many times i tried, but still no updates availabe, pleaee help thanks admin
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