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Lightspeed Magazine is now open to submission until July 15th. Send me good stuff to slush-read!

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Great news W1S1ers! Crossed Genres is now a SFWA qualifying market. If you haven't checked out Crossed Genres before, they're a great zine with a focus on diverse, far too often underrepresented protagonists. And they pay pro rates!

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Story sale (Yay!): "Survival of the Wolf" to Tales of the Talisman in their Winter 2013/14 issue. Not a W1S1 count, since I wrote it last year, but I'm so happy anyway I had to share the news (and my joy!).

Pretty pleased with my revision and extension of my short story Into the Night, which I've been working on over the last couple of days (taking a break from the current effort at a novel). 

I retyped it today, improving as I went, then did a final spell-check and read-through. I despatched it to an online magazine. We'll see if it takes. Hope so.

It's kind of a steampunk/dieselpunk story, based on an alternate history scenario I have plans for (this was the basis for one of my earlier novel attempts, but I'm feeling more confident of it now).

So, wrote one, subbed one!

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I'm pleased to announce that my story "The Great Circus Robbery" is featured in this month's eSteampunk magazine.

I had a lot of fun writing this story. It starts:

Looking back, it's easy to see that Pa's plan to rob the circus was a really bad idea .

You can buy a copy of the magazine here:

Been subbing, and also writing. But what started out as a piece of flash fiction has unaccountably turned into a novel, and I won't be writing shorter stuff for a month or so.

Had one story rejected today, but then I started at the top (Asimov's) and didn't really expect to crack it. I'll polish it again and send it on to the next market.

First rejection of W1S1 2013!  Time to find my story a new possible home.

Yay, I wrote two and subbed two last month! Though the story I worked on most of the month didn't get subbed, but it didn't get scrapped either. One month done!
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