(I'm am honestly amazed this as lasted...most communities fall apart by now. good job, all of you

Brinston was sitting in the chair behind his desk, looking at a piece of parchment which had been recently delivered to him, behind his mask was a look of terror so the world... is dying... 

says thank to the former house owner, walking towards the newly bought house.

a few days after Jennifers resurrection, Brinston stands overseeing the Bloodknights getting a ship ready for our use it wont be long now. ((+Jennifer Garcia))

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enraged, walking through the woods and feeling the heat rise up my spine as my fists shake and one thought replays continuously 'your a fucking outcast, get out!'

Siting no a have tea

i stand in a burnt out clearing. I wear my full armor but the helmet us collapsed in the armor. My sword sticks out of the ground in front of me. On my wings is are long serrated blades that extend past my longest primary. I call out telepathically to +Brinston Malfactus I am waiting for you

I enter the morgue and walk over to the wall cabinet where Jennifer (+Jennifer Garcia) is located, I stand in front of it holding my hands behind my back Jennifer...

I open up the door to the Alchemy tower and walk inside, I then begin assending the spiral stairway until I reach the floor where I last saw Kimber (+Jade Silver) Kimber?
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