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The seekers are important. They find trolls and communities that look like they need to be investigated. Once we agree to look, the Note-Takers take over.

The note-takers present the findings of the spies, and they themselves can be spies.

The spies investigate the people or communities the seekers called out.

They just keep the community troll-free and make sure everyone is doing their jobs.

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We must find the og creator and ban them

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Dis is very spam we need to end it

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This needs to be stopped
sorry guys but I have to reshare for safety reasons!

user:xxxKayla Staleyxxx
"crime": spam
what ive found:
she is a Female metal head
she wears glasses, has an emo haircut, is short, wear slots of black make up. she likes to make song quotes. her hair is brown.
her favorite bands: Sublime, Metallica, Megadeth, Of Mice and Men,
Bring Me The Horizon, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin.
she is boy crazy. has 514 followers. and is "in a relationship".
from what i can tell, she spams her spam. she will post the same this over, and over, AND OVER. she copy and pastes text too. on hr youtube, she posts vlogs, link:
this is some info ive gathered on her!

making a spy account, i wont keep it for long. im calling it

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made this for the community lol (idk i just wanted to redraw the community photo )

I have found some very interesting to say the least, "communities"
this community is a kids community, while it seems innocent enough, it could be spam. I will leave the spies up to investigate.
this community is a hacking community. it seems dangerous. you spies really should check this one out.
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