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I have a new account :3

Elizabeth was reading about history in the library, the sun was heating her up and her long brown rur wasn't helping, something approached her and she looked up to see one of her friends

Hey lps rainbow, it's me! Apple pie! My tablet has recently stopped working so me and my sister started sharing accounts, i just wanted to let you know this :)

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Name: Elizabeth brightflower
Age: 15
Gender: female
Sexuality: bis
Mom/dad: Carl and Petunia
Siblings: Damian, Catherine,
Friends: depends on roleplay
Crush: depends on roleplay
Bf/gf: depends on roleplay
Personality: shy, friendly, curious,
Likes: making new friends
dislikes: losing friends
Bio: Elizabeth's father was always at work and her mother was usually busy, so Elizabeth couldn't spend much time with them, she wanted to be a singer when she is older and is bffs with Catherine.

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Name:Lucinda Botswana

Who wants to rp

Hey rainbow! :) congrats on your first community XD i have a few tips for it,
1: i really recommend adding rules, espacilly "no re-post or die posts" or "no advertising other communitys"
2: make sure before making people a mod or owner, you know them enough, because moderators and owners can delete the community. And owners can de-owner you! So choose wisely :3
3: usually responsible owners of communitys check some of the profiles, rp's, and other stuff to make sure no one is breaking rules and no bullying is going on (unless it was in rp XD)
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