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Odra was a powerful and wealthy kingdom in the center of the world. It's Wilson power extended far beyond its borders people from all Races world travel there. Many living there life's in the city walls trading goods to travelers. Who always passed though the Capital it being right in the center of the world. It was one of the four great powers of the world it was known as the kingdom of mankind. There were many other kingdoms run by man but none were nearly as great or as powerful. Then there was the elfs kingdom of Mranbelle it has Great forests and is located on the east side of the world all the way to the coast. There were many species of elfs of there land its the second largest Kingdom by far and had the best Magic wielders and philosophers. Then there were the Dwarven kingdoms that came together to form one large group of Kings their lands being that of all the mountains to the West. Were they would mine them for there riches and craft great technological Marvels.

And finally the Kingdom of the underworld also known as the kingdom of Hell by many. And its entrance was located far to the North were you would find the black gates. Many fead the Journey to the underworld simply because of its name. The underworld however was by far the largest of the Kingdom's. After traveling to the gates and going in you would be transported into the underworld. Were you could find both the living and the Souls of the Dead. But the underworld wasn't just simply just Brimstone and Fire. It had beautiful Lush Plains and it's middle and a city the size of the entirety of the human Kingdom of Odra. And to the east with a great snow-capped mountains where many Great Red Dragons would call their nesting grounds. Into the West with great forests with trees nearly the size of mountains many more ancient did many of the cities of the world. And to the South where the known as the undead areas will he'll truly was fire and brimstone falling from the skies The Souls of the dead trapped there those who found their way from their would often become Undead know as The Shadow Plague. They were a great Army of Undead hell-bent Unbecoming Immortals wanting their bodies returned to what they once were. Then there was the Drimloc they were a demonic species however he had the rare ability to breed with any other race. They have ruled over the underworld for thousands of years now however the underworld had Many different races the Drimloc however had the most varying looks. Many you will could easily mistake for being completely human or even some as elves as many of their parents had chose to be with someone from another race. But all the Demonic races of the underworld we're completely immune to fire unable to be hurt by it many of the different races for born with other abilities as well. The Drimloc had the ability to read write and speak in all of the world's languages. Making them a very smart race many were very cunning and since they were a demonic race they were already naturally stronger and faster than humans. It was well-known that the underworld had the strongest army of all the four Great kingdoms. But since the dawn of its founding the throne has never been in the same families bloodline for more than three generations. Simply do to betrayal and greed taking over many making them turn on there friends and even family. My father was the last king who sat on the throne before me I had taken control of it. After killing him he had become corrupted by the power in which he had grown far to fond of. I wished to bring an end to such people in the ranks of my kingdom and I wished to open new new trade routes with other kingdoms and gane new alliances.

However I new this tasks would be difficult because many thought of the underworld as it was horrifying place and refused to Ally with its inhabitants. But the few who have seen its capital would know just how untrue that is. After months of communications back and forth to the human Kingdom of Odra I had finally convince them to allow me to come for a visit. And speek to there king about our two kingdoms and this is were our story starts. I was traveling on my own against the wishes of many of my generals I wished to go there by myself as a sign of good faith. I was almost there when I had stopped at the village of Vosall witch was the last stop before the Capitol it had someone from every race there. But mine I was a half blood though and apperd mostly human a side from my wings. But a demon was a very rare sight so many would stare and talk about me. I was walking through the market when you came running around the corner and bumped into me falling on the ground. I looked down at you and extended my hand to you to help you get up when you had looked up and saw me you then...

(Please do not use my rp without asking me first and this is a long term rp. It will start out as traveling companions and it was turned into a romance that goes into sex.

(You can be any race you want and have any kind of background you want you can be a princess a warrior a guard just a peasant and Innkeeper a blacksmith it doesn't matter

(At least 3 Lines Plus and be okay with helping make story and lore for this world and role play

( if you read the full story and the rules comment the names of the four Great kingdoms and I do both private posts and hangouts
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((Male needed who has good grammar and who can do 5 or more lines. This can go the romance route if you want. I will also only be doing two PP so I don't get overwhelmed with Rps.))

Acantha was practically this goddess for a hidden tribe in this vast mystical forest. She kept all living things safe and the land fruitful. But they say she has abilities that can wipe out a group if warriors with ease so they often bring her gifts to the sacred tree so they will stay on her good side and so she'd continue to protect them. However there are people who would like to take her away and use her for their own gain. If that were to happen the people and the land would certainly parish

Acantha had woken up and began to tend to the wildlife and everything else just like any other day. It wouldn't be long until the people of the tribe will come with their offerings. They didn't have to bring anything but they always insist on doing so. Despite how normal this day felt she couldn't help but think that something was about to happen

((Could you also send a picture of your character when I send the PP?))
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(Open RP but I need a male character for this and one last thing, responses at a minimum 3 lines)

being chased by hunters while it was pouring rain, wasn't as easy as you'd think. Running through the forest the rain brought along a misty fog which made it difficult to see where you're going. I could hear the hunters gaining on me and the next thing I knew I felt a bullet go through my side and I tripped on a root of a tree. A couple hours later I woke up washed up on a river bank, I must've fallen down into the river when I tripped. I then heard a snap of a twig
"Who's there!?"

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Name: Era
Age: 21
Gender: female
Species: reaper
Bio: her mother died giving birth to her and her father the horseman of death disowned her and dropped her off at the King of Hell's doorstep. (king of hell based off of the TV show supernatural) ever since then she's helped him with soul collecting.

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» Name: Alisaadi Shieldheart

* Title/Nickname:*
Titles: The driven musican ,The songstress
Nickname: Alissa

» Birthplace: Ofuru

» Age: 76 (looks like she in her late early 20s) due to her elven blood she ages slower then her human counter part

» Race: Halfling (Half-human,Half Meadow Elf)

» Gender: Female

» Height: 5'6

» Hair Color: Auburn (reddish brown)

» Eye Color: Emerald green

» Soul Type: Spellsword

» Ornament Level:30

» Weapon:
The Red Moon: This longsword has a blade with a gold hue to it, whose form suggests a crescent moon. The guard is a claw. Its grip is of LeatherAqua decorated with the Stars of the night sky.
Shadowsong: This daggers blade is made of an dark silver.It hilt carries a design of endless woven metals.
Note's Edge: A silver shortsword decorated with elven designs on the blade.

» Magic:
((some of these spells belong to Wizards of the Coast but most of music based are mine))
Pyromancy spells
Greenflame blade: ignites the Spellsword's weapon with viridian flames, which add to the deadliness of the Spellsword's attacks for an instant.
_The Lry of Fire:_The caster sing a song that ignites the area around in a crimson 15ft burst.

Cryomancy/Hydromancy Spells
Hymn of Aquatic Fury: The caster weaves notes of the sea into a melody, calling the sea to them, so that it forces back there foes.
Frigid Blade: They fill their weapon with icy power, freezing the flesh of its target and the air around it.

Healing Spells:
Song of Rejuvenation: This song carries a tune of sweet healing that repairs minor wounds.Such as a shallow cut on one side or leg.
The Ballad of Ameliorating: A mystical song that I'd used to attend the heavily wounded.This song must be performed as soon as possible for a greater effect.

» Armor/Robes:
The Leather Amour of Stimulation: This leather armor heighten the 5 senses.

>>Misc: Alisaadi carries a beautiful designed lute made with red oak. She uses this when her party has down time or they need spare change. Though she is known to were her leather armor she almost has clothes for every occasion

* Faction/Guild:* None yet but she will gladly join one for a good cause

Rank: None

» Occupation/Faction Branch: Like stated she not apart of a guild,however if she did join she would ask to form a Performer's Faction.

» Specialization/Subclass:

» Bio:
As a little kid Alisaddi would always wondered the streets mostly becuase her family never reallly was around her. She was told not to many times but she did not care. She wanted to learn music but a being a child of two races usually doesn't end well. However,she snuck her way into the taverns when every she heard a bard was coming. She adored listening to stories of the heros of the past,even when it was a tragic tale. Her favorite stories however were the ones about magic. She remembers one story about how a maiden had a singing voice so beautiful that it would stop an entire blood thirsty army.
She loved that story she walked up to the bard who told it and placed stood proudly in place. She was about 12 at the time and she said,"I am going to be the reincarnation of the maiden."
The bard laughed and patted her head,"I am sure you will,sweetie.Especially in this place."
This lit a spark in the little girl eyes that would guide her through the rest of her life. Though Ofuru was a harsh place she was determined to be the light of the town. Alisaddi soon spent years performing in the streets with song she herd. Every now and then a merchant dropped a few coppers her way.After a few months of this it seem like she would form crowds.
One day,a bard named Jameson watched her perform and he had a smile on his face. After her performance,the bard approached her and spoke happily,"Well missy, you have a natural talent.Why not you add some magic to it."
She nodded repeatedly.She knew her family would not care so she followed the Jameson. She began to basically become his apprentice. SHe learned spells and how fight with a sword thanks to him.Soon they traveled together for almost 27 years.
One day after training, he gave her two swords to her.She was puzzled,but Jameson just smiled,"These swords were given to me by a Meadow Elf blacksmith. The maker said that they need to be apart of a story."
SHe took them and smiled," I will gladly take them."
jameson nods,"You can now go out on your own." She was almost 40 years old. "I am getting old and you seem to have my stories and amny others.Now it time for make your own."
She hugged him and teared up,and waved good bye to him.

(Optional) Extra(s): She is a nimble person. She will attempt to run around as quickly as possible and stick with her swords. She will use magic to aid her party,but not afraid smack one of the party members upside the head when being stupid. She values history and stories,so if she offends someone she does not mean to she is just curious.
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Name: Sliverwing
Age: 200
Gender: Male
Species: Water Dragon
Powers: breathing underwater, flying, spitting strong jets of water out of his mouth
Personality: Wise, trustworthy, and brave. Silverwing is a friend to all creatures.
Bio: Silverwing hatched from an egg to a caring mother. He grew up like a normal Water Dragon, until one fateful day. A dragon slayer found Silver sleeping on the shore of the lake he lived in, and not realizing Silver was a kind dragon, tried to kill him. Silver woke up and fought back. Silver won and the dragon slayer fleed, but his wing-like fins got cut off. He lay there in pain, when the Neried king came along. He took Silver home and healed his stubs, then made a potion out of extremly powerful and rare ingredients that gave him back his wings. Now, Silverwing works as the king's main guard.

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I LOVE this mermaid look I found! She looks exactly like a mermaid princess! Just sharing it in case anyone ever wants to use it for their profile

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Callie: I had walked by this door many times exploring the woods around my house. I had decided to finally see what was on the other side. I open it, and a blinding white light engulfs me. I step through it, and open my eyes to find my simple T-shirt and jeans had trasformed into this beautiful gown, and I had a crown on head made of golden leaves. I look around me to find faeries, cenataurs, and may other mythical creatures bowing down to me. "What happened?"

(Open to all "good" mythical creatures (faeries/ fay, centaurs, nymphs, ect.))
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Name: Princess Callopie Hope Alexandria Kate Cora Romiva
Age: 130 in human, 13 in nymph
Gender: Female
Species: Neried and Dryrad
Powers: Controlling water, growing flowering vines, talking to sea and land animals
Personality: outgoing, sweet, kind, talkitive
Bio: My current parents found me outside the woods when I was 12. They took me in after finding out I had no memories of who I was before, only facts. I knew my name, date of birth, and obscure facts I must have read in books. I've been homeschooled by them ever since they found me. I don't seem to age. The forest seems to call to me, and only my love of my family is keeping me from leaving to it. When that final chain snaps, I plan on disappearing into the woods...

+Sick Glow Stick

verak smiled at the hunter as he grew near, blood wealled from veraks right ark that was now severed and lying on the ground a few feat a way. He coughed and blood flew passed his lips you won't find my daughter, the clan defends her and my wife. Even with my death you can't reach her. the hunter smiles as he strokes his black goatee they will die verry soon.
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