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It's long time no see
I'm KevinWus(last name)
I finish my old edit
Daronald Solo a4!
If you want get it,please exchange character.

This is probably my last time to change the name.
Reason why i change my name because i found it hard to find my youtube Channel.
Cupshadow basically Cuphead with Marshadow at the top(Not included tails at behind Cuphead).

Also probably i got very frustating life after free from school because idk. I feel like my brain hurt and stopped working.
I kinda like hard to find some new ideas and what video i should uploaded.
If you ask the reason i have no clue.

Anyway Speaking about Tails.exe Revenge series i've made some small update for it.

The Sprite got a small update where his eyes are no longer bleeding, Also i need to reedit the saber color back because the saber color also got changed when replacing the sprite.

His eyes color become blue.

Now tails.exe become some kind of anthropomorphic robot fox which means he got an advantage where everytime he got damage it has shock buffer implement at his body.

I know it sounds nonsense but yeah i tried my best

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i actually hate this thing
i am planning to play some C&C Games but there are some problem with the speakers where it sounds crackling

I felt uncomfortable with it

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after this video i will do small modification of tails.exe
Basically after he met megaman he need some upgrade

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I had to reorder the Tails Target because like i said earlier
Wood Man still on plan but for now until i confirm the idea

Next Tails Target will be Astro Man however during process of finding Astro Man he encountered By Rock Man where he plan to bring someone back.
After a battle both are injured and reunited each other to stop Duo.

The Battle will be divided onto 2 parts one when he fighting rockman and two when they fought Duo.

No weapons obtained for Tails.exe however he got adittional strength buff after this.

After that you will able to face another 4 bosses

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S-Norris ( With SN-Defense Now ) ( Test )
Release Date 3 years ( 2020 ) You should waiting...
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