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Welcoming all new members to the Dark Artists Club 1.0! Share on other communities if they allow it and share with your friends! Please help this community grow!

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I drew Rose Tyler from doctor who :)

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Happy (late) Thanksgiving Friends

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The paint app on my laptop sucks, but I'm practicing with my new drawing tablet. Thx Pony for letting me join! ❤

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My latest drawing of trebble ^~^ im super proud of this art

Welcome newcomers! This is an art community for anyone to post art of all kinds. Of course, there are rules, so please follow them as I do not wish to have to ban anyone!


No NSFW/Inappropriate posts or art.

No stealing art! Always give credit to the original artist(s).

No swearing OR cyberbullying. If someone breaks this rule, tag an owner or mod immediately.

No spam posts! These include "Repost or die", "Reshare if (reason)", and any kind of "do not ignore" posts.

Feel free to tag a mod/owner if you think someone is stealing art or posting spam.

Owner: +Ravyn is a Pony Mony

+Trebble Melody Scratch
+Ebola •Spooky• Avocado

Always use the correct categories!

Thank you, and have fun!

P.S. Sharing your community is not considered spam and therefore will not be removed. -Pony

Hello again! Although thus is selfish to ask ,may I please be an mod? I think I'd he an big help to the community and I will share it with my friends so the community can grow!

Hi all, thanks for inviting me Pony! Visit my writing blog HTTPS://

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//Hello! Thank you for accepting me as a member in this community ☺️
//Here are just some examples of my art!
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Thank you for accepting me! Here is some if my art! Most of them I drew for other people! How'd I do?
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