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This is a book review about Mr. Nobody's Eyes

This book is about a boy called Harry. It took place just after the first world war.His father was at war and he died. His mom soon re married and had a child. This didn't please Harry as he didn't ever think of his step father as his father. He met a chimpanzee called Ocky on the way. He found him stray on the street and took him in. Into his hideaway. It was a bomb site from the war, next to his house. He basically made it his house, since no one in his family cared about him.
Soon he got so feed up, he decided to run away, with Ocky. This story is about his adventures with Ocky.

I think it is an interesting book. If might start of a little boring bit it starts to become fun. The language might not be the best but the story is amazing. It Rasht skies you the relationship between a chimpanzee and a boy. It is very touching, his they feel one another through thick and thin.
I give it a 4½ out of 5. Great read ( if you like adventures)

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