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Good day, I welcome you to the community. Whether browsing or posting.


Rules ↓

~ No disrespecting owners and mods, please have some manners.

~ If you are planning to make a "turn of events", please keep it to yourself and your partner, private post or move to private messaging.

~ You have a limit of 20 wolf profiles to address, you will be counted. After the last one you are not allowed to post another profile.

~ No spam. This WILL include "Reshare of you / or die" posts. We would like to keep the community clean of spam, if any floats up, it will be instantly deleted.

~ Please do not cuss in you roleplays. You may say a watered version of it, but do not use proper swears.


Now that we have that out of the way, let's move on to the roles of the pack wolves in Wysteria.

ALPHA ; The leader, orders the pack and sets times for hunting expiditions, attacks, and things revolving around that concept. There are usually two in a pack, which are mates. They are descendants of the Elders Gods of Wysteria.

BETA ; If the Alpha has been attacked, killed or not there, there is the Beta to take over, who does the same job as the Alpha.

ELDER / ZORA ; These are the older members of the pack or retired Alphas. They usually help with the young puppies and know what is best.

WARRIORS ; The warrior will act as a soilder for the pack, they go out of groups and are usually instructed by the Head.

HUNTERS ; They will provide food for the pack and go out in groups. They will go around the territory looking for prey to take back.

HEALER ; They look after injured wolves that have been hurt in fights or accidents. Has had a spell cast on them to posses minor healing powers.

MAGE ; These wolves put spells on the pups to determine the future outcome. They will work with the Healer.

CARETAKERS ; These are usually female wolves, they take care of the pups of the pack. If the pack is under attack, they will evacuate them to a safe place.

PUPS ; These range from a newborn to a tween wolf. They have nothing special to them, unless spells have been put on them for their future outcome.

OMEGA / PRISONER ; These wolves are either captured or too injured to receive a higher rank. They are usually treatment badly but other pack members.


















Starpack is the oldest pack, dating as far as a few years after the island's birth. The rules have been dashed around from time to time, but their strongest belief is that nobody is left behind, even if it is someone you truly dislike, you have still got to gather courage and give them aid when in danger.

"No matter what your physical appearance is, it is what is on the inside that determines your appeal towards others" ~ Nyxion, alpha of Starpack.


Boundpack is a straightforward, pure pack. They follow the original beliefs of the roots of their pack. They fight and die with honor, as they believe that the body shall be burnt, turned into ash, and spread across the territory so the souls will be bound to the ground, so they will wander the islands, watching over future generations to come.

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Winterpack is a line of arctic wolves that survive in the mountains of Wysteria. The mountains has harsh snowstorms all year, so they use the fur they have as an advantage to keep warm from the blizzards. They believe that the elder gods put them there to fulfil the winters as a test for survival, as they ascend to the elder gods to see whether they shall be reincarnated or trapped forever in the endless snow.

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Cloudpack, is described as light-hearted as they try to keep a positive impact on bad situations. They are not strict but had originally been very abusive to other members if the alphas heard some members did not follow orders. Despite their bad past, they have formed to be relatively carefree. But they still have the original beliefs, they believe that when a wolf has passed, a ritual is needed. This requires dismembering a wolf with a wooden blade, and packed into a carved case, which is sent off into the water, which will take them to the clouds.

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Forestpack is a loyal pack. They will stand by any member. Similar to Starpack, they believe that no wolf has to be left behind. They have believed that all wildlife from their island are ancestors to watch over from them. So instead of having hunters, they have gatherers who scavenge the island in search for berries to bring back, but occasionally, they will pick up dead birds as an exception to the belief. When a wolf is dead, the bury it so they can be paired to an animal in the island.

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Freepack are very carefree and gallop across the fields of their island with the spare time they had. When encountered with a death, they follow the original rituals and cast spells to aid them on a journey to peace. Their bodies, after being captured in spells, is hung into the sky using a spell, which includes chanting around the fire where the body shall be burnt.

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Zoropack is the pack that contains really crazy wolves. They have a leader whose only purpose is tradition. They never make contact to other packs, apart from Darkpack, unless it is war. They burn the bodies of wolves when they die, or they will skin them as a trophy to the pack. They hate all other packs and is only allied with Darkpack to form a stronger army.

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Darkpack is the least active, but they are the masterminds of all evil in the set of islands. They always hated other wolves outside the pack. But they only all with Zoropack to enforce the hunters and warriors. They are cautious and will always do something to hide their plans to overthrow the Eldergods in bringing the packs to peace. When a wolf dies, no ritual is performed and the body is left for prisoners to eat.

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OWNERS +Smol Puppet​​​ , +Shuu Tsukiyama​​​ (If it will let me, this is the Owner's sister.)

MODS +Dark Moon​​ , +RapidPhoenix​ , +slow dreams and meme machines​ (Owner's Alternative account)

*Most things are still a work in progress, but we are still working to complete as much as we can.Thank you!*

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hello is the community active?

I see that this community is not as active anymore.

May I ask for help?

I have been sick for the past week and I have not been feeling the greatest to work on the lore, advertise the community and do other minor changes. I'd like to ask if anyone could volunteer to help me out with these things so the progression of the community can speed up a little bit faster. You may ask to help and I will not force others to do it. But I will need to give you instructions based on what you do best. (E.g. art, you can help design the community banner to look more cleaner. I am not the best at art, I have to say.)

Thank you.

- +Smol Puppet​ ( Owner and creator. )

(Lololol, Iam so sorry 😂😂)


Kills You

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QUOTES: "You hurt my mate, You will die, Hurt my best friend, You die, Hurt my younger sister, you die."

_NAME Jack Thompson

PACK Winterpack

ROLE Alpha

AGE 30


CRUSH / MATE Mate ~ Max Thompson



MOTHER Also ded

SIBLINGS Younger Sister - Midnight

BACKSTORY Jack's mother, despised Jack, because he was gay, It was a tradition to keep the 'Thompson' name going by the male to mate with a female and run the pack, this was not the case, Jack fell in love with Max and sooner or later became mates with him, His parents died in a blizzard storm, ded they are, so Jack took over the pack, he was actually very happy with his parents gone, he could finally break free from the horrors of them (Yes amazing) now he runs it peacefully but does become vicious is someone hurts his best friend, mate or younger sister, Thank you x

TRAITS Protective, Loving, Cold, Not Socialble that much..Other shit aswell

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QUOTE(S): "Isn't death just a spiral of judgement? You fall forever before the Eldergods decide where you will go, never knowing for definite where you will spend eternity."

NAME Kenma.

PACK Starpack.

ROLE Switching between an Omega and a beta, due to him having a strong relationship with the Alpha.

AGE 5 years

PREFERENCE Homosexual.

CRUSH / MATE It is speculated he is with Nyxion as they spend free time together, but that is a myth.


FAMILY Crystal is the only known living family member. His parents were hunted when the place used to be populated with human explorers.-



SIBLINGS Crystal (Sister)


BACKSTORY Under construction

TRAITS Weak, shy, will tend not to speak alot. But he is a great leader when it comes down to it. He is half blind, but that does not get in his way.


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I have finished all the pack lore and I am thinking of starting the OG lore soon.
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