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#Parkinson's #Disease #Treatment

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic, progressive movement disorder associated with the abnormal functioning of the central nervous system. The disease generally comes under a group of condition known as motor system disorder. The disease is expressed due to the loss of dopamine-producing brain cells.

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It's been three weeks, since I started taking a different pill

It was supposed to lengthen my time, keeping me still

Instead it brought on dyskinesia really bad

A symptom that I'd never experienced or had

It has been exhausting, going through this every day

I couldn't put up with it any longer, no way

I was told to reduce and go back to my normal regime

It's a shame that it didn't help me for fill my dream

No way could I have carried on taking it, how it made me feel

I've never felt so out of control and ill, it was so unreal

So what's next, I just hope they can help me somehow

These three weeks have been hell, I've had enough for now.

Written by Shelley Edwards (c)


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Parkinson's is not just a "neurodegenerative condition". In fact. there is much more to it. The research results on walking with the disease, which I present in the first video embedded here, I hope will be viewed as quite remarkable to many people.

But what I would like you to concentrate on is my eyes. Look into my eyes. They are wide open, full of expression, moving and alive. This is how I am, now, while in the depths of what is currently a standard "off" state for me, at this time. Anyone looking back at the videos of myself at the start of the Out-Thinking Parkinson's Journey some six months ago will see a very different person while in the same "off" state. Eyes glazed and half closed, fixed in the sockets. Face a blank - literally - a mask without creases, almost like plastic. So it is in my face and eyes where my Journey of Out-Thinking PD is writ large.

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I came across this podcast (Oregon Pub Radio) which was recorded Sept 2015. Perhaps you've already heard it. Its an interview of Jon Palfreman who has been a longtime medical journalist, and as such reflects his experience in his articulateness. (He blogs here

You might be interested in listening to see if you recognize anyone.

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Here's my message to everyone out there affected by this disease:

Don't let them tell you there is no hope. Don't let them tell you the dream is over. Let's dream again.  Dream on.
Don't let them tell your life is a downwards spiral from now on. Don't let them take the rest of your life. Let's stop dying inside. Live again and live on.
If you want something to live for, a dream of achievement to focus on, something to work towards, then here is an undeniable truth. The human brain and body are capable of incredible self-healing and the power of human will pushes every boundary of what's possible every single day. With a positive mind and empowering knowledge, anything can happen.

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Breakthroughs in Non-Medical Interventions for Parkinson's Disease

A book has been highly recommended to us by several of our readers, and many pointed out the similarities to our Out-Thinking Parkinson's philosophy. Then I read the article "Israeli Healer Treat's Parkinson's Through Talk and Dance" in the Times of Israel.

As I read it through, I found an overwhelming sense of affinity for what Alex Kerten preaches and, indeed, the parallels between our own independently derived strategies were very clear. I was left a sense of great relief of self-vindication afterwards. I called Deb, my Co-Founder, in the middle of her night to talk about it - I simply could not contain myself.

Still excited, I then set about tracking down Michael Wiese, the Hollywood Executive mentioned in the Times of Israel article. Michael had himself ventured to Israel to undergo Alex's "Gyrokinetic" method and, as a result, had commissioned the book to be published, under the Divine Arts Media brand of Michael Wiese Productions. Michael turned out to be located in the UK, and we arranged a call. It was one of those phone calls where one is left with a sense that a very profound and important connection had just been made, with perhaps some life changing potentials, through a newly forged friendship. Michael and I had so much in common in terms of outlook and understandings of the disease, that it was a true pleasure - and again a relief - just to talk with someone else who knows and who has experienced the truth of recovery from Parkinson's. The affirmation that we are not alone at Out-Thinking Parkinson's, in itself, gives us the true grit determination to continue every single day to find the techniques by which we can beat this disease - completely.
Here is a beautiful short video I found yesterday with Michael in action.

I strongly urge anyone with Parkinson's Disease to consider that the cross-validations provided by the two independent approaches of Alex's "Gyrokinetics" and our own "Out-Thinking Parkinson's" Quality of Life Interventions, is very important. The proofs are out there now that it is perfectly possible to push Parkinson's back - and to keep reversing it - every day. Never give up.
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