Maybe I'm doing something stupid but I seem to have lost full article view for some of my feeds? Is this a bug or another unwanted change by the devs?

It doesn't matter what I do, I continue to have difficulty with the simplest of tasks regarding "Feedly". I love this site but I don't think I can continue with this type of frustration from something as simple as signing in. I have deleted everything in the cache, in the previous sites, passwords saved etc. Because I have several gmail accounts. This sign in UI will not allow you to simply enter your information. If you signed up using google then it makes you sign in that way the rest of your memberships tenure. It continues to grab an incorrect sign in and then log's me in, even tho I have disconnected EVERYTHING to do with this website where it should demand a manual entry of my information. But it continues to just throw me into the site with the wrong sign in information.
I couldn't be luck enough that it would chose the correct sign in and hang on to that method, NO, it has to be the wrong one. This one that it continues to insist on utilizing has NO information entered. I would just simply accept it and move on except the one that I have been building now for many years is so full of great information. I am so disappointed in Feedly's inability to help me with this issue. I have submitted information for help and nothing has been done. 

Hey Feedly !

Little question :

I would like to create some kind of "filter" which search through my personal feeds in order to have only the news I want to target. Is it possible to save and pin a research query in my personal feeds ?

Thanks !

I'm a current (non-Pro) user of feedly (i've used it for several years).

I've noticed that feedly is bad at two things:
- Back-reading old content from feeds I find
- Tracking topics that i let linger for months

Are these maybe limitations of the free vs pro version? If i find a feed that has 1000+ posts and I want to read it from the beginning, right now, I have to track my progress through the backlog manually or using bookmarks. I'd prefer to flag the entire source as "unread", sort it backwards chronologically, and use Feedly to track my progress. I can understand why this would be gated, but I want to know if this is possible in the Pro Version.

Additionally, I have some topics that I tend to ignore, and I notice after awhile articles that I haven't read yet start getting marked as read and falling off teh feed. I can see them if i browse the source, but they no longer show up in the count of new articles. I don't feel like this is a huge issue for this use case, I just suspect it's related to the issue with backreading old content.

Hi I am an existing user (non-Pro) with more than hundred feeds - been a user since the beginning of Feedly. My question is does the new limit of 100 feeds for free tier apply to such pre-existing users too? Or must I need to upgrade to pro?

Hi Feedly,
I'm an Australian journalist who thinks Feedly could be useful for my team, but I'm concerned about paying a full-year subscription fee in order to trial the advanced search features. Is there a free trial or shorter subscription period on offer?

Can you add a button to vote down clickbait and/or fake news?

We have same problem.. the app is not working properly..and for the login too plz need to fix it 

Hi, I want to upgrade but the transaction doesn't seem to work. I've tried 2 different computers, browsers and credit cards, it still never upgrades my account

Back when we could change the color of new & read stories, I changed my colors to different shades of gray. I realized soon thereafter that they were so close in shade that depending on the monitor (this is about using the web access), I often can't tell the difference. I went to change the colors again & you'd removed the option. I figured it was just a temporary change but we've never (AFAIK) been given the ability back. Is there anything to be done? (I'm a premium user.)

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