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Hi there.
Any idea why Feedly is unable to get the feed from ?

Has the site maybe disabled rss?

Thanks in advance

oke, for real feedly..
what is going on? for a while now i cant use the search option and at every try getting this *CRAP on my screen!?
im not paying for feedly , so if this is where you guys are heading to, just say so and ill move to INO.

a formerly satisfied soon maybe ex- User

Cool thang rigth

The bad thing about Feedly is that its too awesome to share how good it is... Everyday I use Feedly for my clients content... Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you for the awesomeness of #feedly +Petr Pinkas  #feedlyrules  

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Hi, I have been trying to install Feedly on my iPad and keep getting the following error. Please do let me know if any if you have ideas on how I may fix this.


Dear feedly, it's has happened since 17th April 2016. We can not use the FEEDLY app almost 1 month. Keep patient??????

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Downtime for optimizing performance Sorry for the temporary inconvenience. Have a great week end.

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