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Congratulations to the Feedly team for once again managing to royally screw up a decent RSS Reader!

I have just tested the use of your latest screw up in three browsers!


Ever since I started to use Feedly on my desktop,I have had numerous issues.

No one from the dev team bothers to interact with the majority of users...unless you are a 'Pro' member.

I have managed to live with the constant scripting errors in all browsers,as they seemed to have got to a level, whereby it is actually practical to use the program on a desktop computer.

As of a few hours ago,the program is now unusable!


I would never,ever,pay a yearly subscription for this program...get the free version working properly,so it is actually usable,and then maybe,people will actually cough up some of their hard earned money and pay for the 'Pro' version!

Whoever is responsible for this complete fiasco should be FIRED...The 'DON'

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Hi Petr,
I tried that too, but it doesn't do anything at the moment. It used to work, but the whole pop up error message box just keeps returning no matter what option I choose!
I think Feedly just doesn't play well with least my installation of it.
I do get the odd error message on other sites, but for some reason I get it all the time while using Feedly.I had to give up using Feedly a while back because things got so bad that it was not practical to use it.Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to try it again a few months ago, and was surprised, and delighted that it worked well enough to live with the slow loading of the page (s) and the error box that would, 9 times out of 10, appear.It was frustrating, but I could live with it.As of the changes that have been made a few days ago, it is not viable to use it with Firefox. I have tried using Avast's browser, and although things are still a little 'clunky' at times, at least it does work, and the error messages have not been popping up:)
I think that Firefox must have things working behind the scenes, so to speak, that cause some kind of conflict.I tried accessing a bonafide site with Avast yesterday, and it said that it did not recognise the format, as it doesn't conform to it, and would not let me access the site.I tried accessing it with Firefox, and had no problem! It seems that trying to just use one browser nowadays is not enough. I will continue using Avast whenever I want or need to use Feedly:)
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Suggestion: It would be great if you could implement a dark theme as well.

Current night theme is black (which i think it's too intense) , ideally they will be three themes to choose from, white, dark and black (made for AMOLED screens).

Thank you in advance.

PS. An automatic night mode would be great as well :)
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+Petr Pinkas Thank you for your reply and for your consideration :)
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Here are a few suggestions that I would like to see.

1. A gesture to launch a particular article in "Clutter free mode", say a double-tap. Currently it is a two-tap action.
2. Please use official Pocket share link to save to pocket if the app is installed on the device. If it is not, use the traditional (current) implementation.

Thanks for your effort. Good luck.
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Naiyer, great suggestion, thank you! Will pass it to the team.
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The app needs four features in order to make it functional.

1) Being able to have an option to auto enable offline readability on all rss feeds you are subscribed to (for road trips or flights this is great).

2) SD Card support (if you implement #1).

3) Being able to swipe right to bring out the menu (which should be standard on Android design).

4) Get notifications when a feed gets updated, and turn off notifications.

Sadly, at this point the app is unusable without these features... But I did give it 4/5 stars because it has a clean UI.

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Adriel, thank you very much for all the feedback, this is great one and I'll pass it to the production team. 
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Hi everyone, I am searching for a solution for a daily news-review for our enterprise. Does feedly offer a kind of a company solution within collections? best would be, if we can additionally import a xml-feed... 

not sure, if am right in here but hoping to receive some tipps and feedback. 

thx and cheers
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Hello Nijan, thank you so much for reaching out to us. Yes, we offer a Team version where you'll be able to achieve what you want. You can go here and apply for the Team version:

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Hey Feedly team. Anything new and exciting coming up in the next feedly release for Android?? Nothing major has happened for a long time now. 
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I have been using Feedly since day 1 it arrived to the world replacing Google Reader and use every day on my Android tablet.

I don't yet have the paid version. I missed the early opportunity for the lifetime offer and hope xmas will bring some nice offers but the lack of direct WordPress pushing is keeping me from it presently.

There are a few thoughts on the tablet version.

First the title page for each new section is just plain green. Why not replace this with an image from a story within the section?

Second, more font options please. Allow me more flexibility on font and size in all areas.

Third, since obtaining my Samsung Tab S2, I have noticed how poor magazine view had become. It needs to be more adaptive to different screen sizes and present more than just 4 articles in it on each page before giving up and switching to a list view.

Forth, When a section is read on the tablet, make it a different colour or grey it out to show its been read. I know we have the numbers next to it, but let's move on from that alone please.

Thank you for reading my ramblings. 😃
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We love entrepreneurs. It was great to participate to Evernote's Entrepreneurship Week event.
In recognition of Global Entrepreneurship Week, we‘re connecting with entrepreneurs to discover what makes them—and their businesses—tick. We asked Edwin Khodabakchian, CEO of Feedly, to share his stories and insights in this special podcast interview.
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Edwin, can you kindly assist me with getting my Feeds back in my Feedly - I successfully imported everything from Google Reader years ago. Attempted to log-in and there area NO feeds. HELP!
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Will we ever see keyword filtering or should I just move on? 
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Hi Josh, this is in plans right after we'll release our Team version early next year. Sorry for the delay.
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Is it possible to use the automatic "if"/"then"-assembly of relevant documents for articles that have appeared in the past? I would like to have feedly put together a google doc with title, text body, author etc. of all articles it can find pertaining to a certain topic.
Thanks already in advance.
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Hi Severin, this should be available with Zapier/IFTTT integration in our feedy Pro offering.
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Hey guys. Been a feedly user since it was a Google Reader skin. I don't know what I'd do without it, TBH.

I was reading browsing some entertainment feeds the other day and saw a lot of stuff that I would rather have not seen related to some TV shows that I watch. I was thinking about filtering; I know you guys are planning on implementing some kind of filtering feature that will hide articles that match keywords, but I wanted to suggest something a little different.

I would love it if I was able to set a feed or a filter to "delay." Let's say I follow a TV review site like AV Club. AV Club often posts reviews for episodes right after the episode airs, but I usually don't watch a new episode until a few days later. Rather than always having to "Save" articles for later, it would be cool if I could set my AV Club feed to only show articles that are 4-5 days old, effectively timeshifting my feed. Or maybe do it with filters, i.e. only show me "Game of Thrones" related articles 3 days after they're posted.
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Hey Shariq, thank you for the nice words, happy to be the substitute for the Google Reader for you.
Good idea, will pass this to the production team. Right now you might use the "Oldest First" view.

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I don´t know how long, but I just saw feedly for desktop is embedding tweets properly. Intead of just text and links, we can now see pictures and buttons to folow... everything. I'm really glad to see this. Thank you, Team!
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Thank you Neto :)
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When you use the search option to find new feeds, what is the criteria to end up in the search result? is there an option where you can add a feed for people to find or is it based on the amount of subscribers?
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myeah ... the thing is that all the other feeds I have work fine under https and I can't really control if people come over https or not.
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Celkon CT111 Android tablet with 7-inch display and quad-core CPU launched for Rs 2,999
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Is there any chance to get an OSX desktop reading app? Feedly slows down tremendously while using safari when handling stories with GIF's and it would just clean up things to have a consistent, open app so when i have free time i can zoom over, read through some stuff, and get back to whatever im working on (then again, i flip through about 1000 articles per day).
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+Neil Jones definitely understandable the Safari approach. I personally switched from Safari because of the super slowness on my previous MacBook Pros. I wasn't even to properly read on Mashable (not sure why this site particularly), but on Chrome everything works fast (even-though it takes a lot of RAM memory). We'll try to have a look on the performance issue with GIFs. Thanks so much for reporting us this one.
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soheil Gh

Others  - 
I can't add these sites to feedly

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Why I'm not paying for Feedly Pro

First I need to say that I have always regarded Feedly as a super-hero app. In my time of need, when Google Reader was brutally murdered and I was left in the darkness, Feedly came and save the day. However later things started to change and now there is love-hate relation between us.
When the Pro was first announced it was somewhat "in between". Feedly said "It's not a big deal but if you want you can pay us some money in exchange for additional services you will never use, but you will feel cool. But it is not important, if you don;t want to - no problems." At first it seemed to me the choice of pro services was unattractive for a reason - just to show the users that going pro is not a big deal anyway.
So my reaction was - cool, let's wait and see how things develop. At that time because of it's super-hero status I was wiling to pay a lot in form of a monthly subscription if Feedly said it needed it. 
Right now I'm not.

What I really want from a pro Feedly subscription:
1. offline caching on mobile
2. data retention more than 1 month
3. stable mobile application that does not randomly break itself for long periods of time - this means some kind of quality control before update is pushed to the users and quick fixes when a mayor functionality is broken.

But I will not get any of that. Instead all I will get is integration with a number of online services that I will never use and something called collections that is the last thing I would expect from my "fast news and info" provider. 
Looking at all I see is "bla bla, nope, nope (save to dropbox, really?...), nope, nope.. bla, bla,.. Oh, they plan to offer offline in the long term, so I can buy a pro if and when that happens"

In the mean time last year my Samsung phone was updated to L. And then I saw that whoever designed the mobile app was brazen and irresponsible enough to put a white background on the top of the app that under L acts also as a background of the notification bar of the phone, making it completely useless. And this for wide range of Samsung devices. It was such an obvious bug that at first I did not even consider reporting it. Then I did report it - twice. For the past more than 18 months Feedly did not consider it's Samsung users important enough in order to fix this mayor inconvenience. This was the first sign that Feedly doesn't give a f*** about me and thousand of users like me.
And now -the last thing I would have expected from an app I would have been a payed user for - to beak itself in a mayor way. "BufferedInputStream is closed" Really? 
Is there no quality control at all for the updates that go live to all users? And that was on November 16 - nobody cares to fix this in 3 weeks?? Is it that hard? If you really care and you insist of been able to provide professional payed services?
 And now I realize - Feedly simply doesn't give a f*** about all of us. 

So Feedly, I loved you, I adored you, you were my super-hero app (in the post GReader world all those were actually true, not only for me). Please help me do it again! Please!
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add me to the list of not paying for Pro... I've requested offline capabilities so long ago I don't even remember when it was, but I do remember that it was promised on SEVERAL occasions and each time that occasion was taken care of, another reason was given to postpone any work on offline capabilities.
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Any chance of increased list font sizes? I have poor vision and reading my feed list on an ipad is painful. Will feedly someday work with iOS system font sizes? The article text size is great at extra large, but the small font for the list makes browsing very diffucult. Feedly Pro yearly subscriber so I love the service, just wish the font could be bigger.
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Will feedly be updated with split view/slide over support for iPad in iOS 9?
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