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How do I remove/decline/refresh "You Might Also Like" suggestions? They are offensive and I don't want see them.

Feedly app in MacOS Appstore: want to open links in background to browser.

I want to use feedly in dark mode but it causes most articles to render as black text on black background making that theme ubusable.

All my sources under one of my feeds (comics) disappeared.
I sign in using this Google account.
Sources were there as of the last week or so.

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Hello, with the latest version (38.0.0) I have a weird problem on 3g/4g connection.
When I open the articles from my company's blog the images are missing, if I try to download a missing image I see the error "Trust anchor for certification path not found”.
Here is the blog address , you can test it searchine "imagicle blog" on the "add content" feature.

Any suggestion? On Wifi all works well.
The SSL certificate is a valid sha256 certificate issued by Comodo.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Login issue.. on my phone I'm logged into Feedly sucessfully and have been for quite some time along with other devices in the past. On a new laptop I go to login with FaceBook.. and it creates a new account for me. But on the app on my phone it clearly states "Logged in via FaceBook" with the correct email address associated with my facebook account. So what's the beef? I don't wanna lose all my subscribed feeds, etc.

Hi..feedly doesn't update my facebook feeds since 6 days. There is no news since a week more or less. I have 200 facebook feeds in my account

Anyone could help me?

Shift+a no longer advances to the next source after marking all as read. Shift+j and shift+k don't work either. I tried in both Safari and Vivaldi on macOS. I also tried logging out and logging back in. Has something changed?

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I’ve noticed this a couple of times, possibly only with this feed - once in Feedly, all basic formatting (paragraphs, lists, line breaks, etc) is stripped out rendering it difficult to read.

This feed is the “all events” feed from (I’m not sure of the specific RSS feed as I added it ages ago).

Is this a problem with the website, or Feedly?
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