What would get me to upgrade to Pro? Glad you asked. If Feedly would add full articles to view without having to go to a web page view. That would be one item. The other item is to have more pictures in the articles themselves. A lot of times the images do not show up and it makes you have to open up the web view of the article. I would rather stay within Feedly whenever possible. Thanks!

Hi, is there a right place for feature suggestions?

I'd like to suggest Image Compression for mobile apps. Every time I read news on my phone it uses a ton of data from my mobile plan due to a lot of high quality images being downloaded from full web sites. If feedly could compress these images on their servers and send a compressed version to mobile apps it should be nice. :-)

I am not sure if this has been asked elsewhere, may I request a option to not showing feeds of a website in feedly? Sometimes I just want to save a website but not want to follow it's updates. Thanks!

Dark Theme for feedly? I  would love a dark theme for reading articles late at night.

Hey Feedly are there any plans to implement a wifi preloading feature for the mobile apps? 
This seems to be the real need of the hour atleast in countries where connectivity issues persist...

Feature request:  Filter out repeat articles across my feeds.  For instance: FIFA corruption scandal announced and I read it on The Huffington Post.  I should have the option for Feedly to filter out all other articles that day with the exact same information, thereby streamlining my discovery experience.  Thank you.

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I use feedly on iPhone and iPad most of the time accessing all collections at once.
I would like to see the number of articles on the top menu, like this:

not sure if anyone has posted this already, or if something exists (please tell me!). but: I want the ability to create a group (on feedly or elsewhere) where i can share articles with friends.
a) if it's on feedly, i can scroll through their shares like a blog.
b) it'll give me a reason to tell my friends to get on feedly.
c) i can create groups to accommodate different likes between friends.
...i'd rather in feedly than say facebook, as people don't actively look at facebook groups, and also it will be lost in facebook due to facebook only showing your content to 9% of your readers unless you pay.


Hi everybody,
I have a bit of an OCD when it comes to tags, and i'm frustrated not being able to rename them.
Is it possible at all ?

Feedly (Pro) feature: combine several related feeds together (like Feedly Collections) where stories (from different feeds) that share the same subject (not a title match!) are combined into 1 entry. So remove the duplicates! But also never show new entries about the same subject a day later unless they contain new information. (some feeds come with "old" articles)

So bring multiple feeds that are similar into 1 to minimize overload of posts about the same subject.

Cir.ca provides predefined channels, but I believe Feedly customers want to be in control themselves. I know it is hard but a feature that people would love.

And keep up the great work! :)
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