Yahoo! News feed ( has two text display issues which started in the past month:

1. Shows %apos; instead of an apostrophe.
2. Body shows as a "wall of text". No paragraphs, line feed or other formatting.

I first noticed this a few weeks ago.

Hi, we have a website called and the images on our feed are viewable on the web but not on the app. FYI our images are served using imgix.
It would be great if you could provide us with some insight so we can get this issue fixed.


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Hi I hope this is the right place for this.

My RSS feeds for reddit are not working in Feedly. For example, I subscribe to

This has been going on for a few months now and I have been using The Old Reader just for these subscriptions.

Please help! Thanks

I have a paid account that I am trying to login to however it isn't recognising any email address that I am putting in.

Two of my feeds stopped working out f the blue:
Close to Home comic
Constitution Daily from the National Constitution Center

How do I fix or report?


Hey Petr, while you are helping Chris, can you check to see if i have set up an rss feed properly?
I'm brand new at this and don't know proper process.


I used to login to Feedly using a Twitter account that I accidentally deleted, so I now have no way of logging into Feedly. Could you help me? Thanks!

Feed issue

I have a feed to publish, but on my first go all my links were wrong. Now anyone who subscribes to the feed on feedly has all wrong links even though I've corrected the code to generate the rss xml. It is stuck...

How can this be fixed?

does not work on the new chrome update version 58. 

I use Feedly on a regular basis and a while back things changed a bit at your end I think. Now, I am not able to keep reading lots of the blogs I had on my list before. I am trying to repopulate that list and many times I get a message that says Content not found with many different blogs I want to add. I do know that blog exists. Can you Help?
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