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I am unable to subscribe to Washington Examiner feeds. The feeds are of ATOM format. This is the URL:

Hi there. I just wanted to ask a question about the RSS feed setup. As we are a college and we have over 100 PC's for students is there a way of being able to push out the RSS feed settings from one central account to all PC's within the college network?

We can install Feedly Notifier for Chrome on each PC its just the RSS feed setup part. I hope you can help. Thanks

Is there a reason why feedly got no widget on iPhone? Could we add this if its possible?

I was using an email address ( that is no longer being recognized when I try to reset my password; when I try it removed the plus sign and tells me I have an invalid email address. I know this used to work as I've been using this account (with this email format) for several years now.

I'd like to be able to add streams from Google Plus communities to feedly so I get notified when new posts are added in a few communities.

Okay, so I try both my two emails to login, both of which, when I login through Google or Facebook have no feeds and don't recognize me as a Pro member, and then, when I try to login directly through Feedly, the password help doesn't work. I get "Feedly login not found. Please use Google to login." It shouldn't be this hard to get back into your account.

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Odd formatting, not all the time, perhaps once per day.

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Hi, I've been struggling to connect to my feedly. How could I solve this problem?

Is it possible to limit feeds for a newspaper? For example, for the Washington Post, I want news but not opinions or analysis.
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