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I have this big problem in Arabic sites the look like strange description that can't be understanding can you please fix that, and there's another request
Is it possible to support offline feeds?

I would like to manage our website feed but I don't find the account I used to submit the feed. Maybe someone else submit the feed.

Someone can help me ?

Thanks !

Swipe left to mark as read on android app not working. Is this a known issue? 

Articles that I have marked as read keep reappearing. What am I doing wrong

I am trying to close my feedly account but I can not find where to do that

I am a currently a publisher on Feedly and I have optimization questions for you.

1.) How do I add these hashtags (#movies #entertainment #tv #film) to the search result for my site on Feedly so that it looks like this:

Do I use this form:

If not, what form do I use?

2.) How do I change the description for my site on Feedly in search results? Feedly is using an old site description. We changed that description almost two years ago. Is there a form? Do I email someone? What do I change and where?

3.) How do I create individual feeds and feed descriptions in Feedly like this?:

Do I use this form for each feed that I want to show up in Feedly for my site so that I can include the hashtags that I want per feed?:

See how each of Slashfilm's feeds has a little description? How do I achieve that for my individual feeds? What form do I use? Do I use this form?:

4.) I have seen Related Posts at the bottom of articles in certain feeds in Feedly. How do I activate that functionality in my Feedly feed? 

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Why the RSS feed not updating?


Tried to go to the URL directly and found it has new contents. However, feedly shows outdated content.

Any idea?

Dear Feedly Team
Are you planning to improve Read Later section in any way? What I'm missing is possibility to sort saved articles by their date and not only save date. Other thing I'm missing is possibility to sort saved articles by RSS feed. For example AAA feed and under it all saved articles, BBB feed and under it all saved articles etc.

I am a publisher and I created an rss feed and setup a follow feedly button in my website but it doesn't work. I always showed "Feed not found". I entered the url to the feedly search box. It also didn't work and show me a message "No feed with matching titles".

Here is the url of the feed:

I validated the url and it's is valid and It also work on Firebox and other Rss reader.

Can someone help to verify the problem? Thanks, 
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