In the last few days, a bunch of my stories seem to have been marked as read without my actually reading/opening them. Last time I checked I had between 120-150 unread stories, and now I'm down to 34. Looking at my recently read items, I see only the ones that I remember clicking through, and none of the stories that are newly read (i.e., were published in the last few days that I definitey haven't read yet, but have somehow become read.) I don't understand how this could happen and would really appreciate any insights. Thank you!

My Feedly Pro account is under an email address that no longer exists. Need helping getting into my Feedly Pro account another way.

I'm trying to create an email/password login to an existing account I have (using Google), but it tells me that the password is wrong, presumably because I've done it before. When I try to recover it, it says it sent me an email but I don't receive anything (I've checked the spam).

Latest Android Feedly Beta v37 is broken. Only splash screen shows.

Update. Rolling back to v32.1 works for me. Somebody forgot to turn the switch on for v37.

I am unable to use my Microsoft ID to log into Feedly. When I try to log inI either get an error message or it says I have successfully logged in but then kicks me back to the welcome tab without showing my feeds. When I try to log in using my windows phone it says that the service is unavailable. Some assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Maybe +feedly needs to re-thing this link on my Feedly "Need help? Book a one-on-one training session with one of our product managers"

It points to and shows no training slots available until far in 2018.

Is feedly blocked, why!?

Why I see last time: Dormant This source has not published in a long time?

I know that there is no problem with articles or entries under this feed but I see no entry in proper feed

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why can't i follow the web?

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I'm still hoping to find a way to get Feedly to refresh their caches for specific feeds (I have seen this request from others as well). I posted examples (fully reproducible) and a request for help on February 12:

And then this follow-up on March 3:

I got a little excited by a response on March 3 but then everything went silent.

I like Feedly but I'm finding that I need to use other feed readers to get the accurate data.

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