Hello all,

I recently took over the Waterloo Region chapter of Girl Geek Dinners. I was wondering if I could give someone from your group a call on how its run and other crazy ideas I have ;). Could we please schedule one soon? Thanks!


Tina Nguyen

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We are very excited to join you this Sat. for Brunch to celebrate Philly Tech Week!

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Hi all. To celebrate the 8th anniversary of Girl Geek Dinners in Italy, which is this year when GGD celebrates 10 yrs old, we've just released an ebook which puts together the story of GGD in our country. This is the first time all the Italian communities participate in the same project together (and we're very proud of this achievement as we managed to involve both the active communities and the new born ones, 14 in all). The ebook is in Italian, but I thought it was worth being shared as well... perhaps it can inspire new content on our common story. Enjoy :-) http://bit.ly/ebookggditalia

If we do a few hangouts this year what subjects would you like them to be on? Any recommendations or anyone want to put themselves forward as a speaker?

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Many of you do amazing work for women out there! Feel free to add +WoMoz in your circles and ping us to share your great story!

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This might interest some of the Girl Geeks here.

Anyone from China? I'd like to start a group in Shanghai!

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Where is your nearest Girl Geek Dinner Group?

On the Girl Geek Dinner website you'll find over 100 Girl Geek Dinner Groups located around the world.

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A great opportunity to help inspire girls to be technology entrepreneurs.

Technovation is looking for mentors, teachers, group leaders, regional coordinators and volunteers to help grow the program for the February to April 2014 season.
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