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Dapper under 50$

When you think gentlemen and fashion, the first image that comes to mind is a dapper man in a tailored suit that is worth a fortune. But what if you don’t have a fortune? Let’s say you have to go to a prom but all you got is your older brothers suit that does not fit you, or you are a student who is going to a classy dinner to meet his lady’s parents or just my simple case of a man who did not give up on his style and passion after losing his job. One thing we all have in common is a fucking tiny budget, under a hundred dollars, even hundred is a lot, in my case spending fifty is tough. Most men magazines have suggestions on how to build a classy look on a small budget, but it seems that people who write those articles forgot what small budget means. I went on a shopping spree to prove that it is possible to look dapper as hell under fifty dollars.

First of all, stop overthinking, that is what makes you overspend, matching things up before you start shopping. Start with one item around which you are going to build, I like to build around a unique accessory that becomes a signature to my look. We all got that little something in the treasure chest, an old grandfather's silk tie with a unique design or a favorite belt, or maybe a pair of flashy socks. In my case, it is a wooden bowtie from Mistiko, I love it because not only it is unique but also made out of rosewood by a company in Montreal, and like any accessory, it has a story that you can use as a great ice breaker.

Now, when you got your first piece start connecting the dots, check what else you got that fits and you would want to use, if there is absolutely nothing don’t worry, it is fine, that’s what the budget is for. In my case, I was lucky to have a black thin wool vest. It used to belong to my grandfather so the vest is over 40 years old, they knew how to make things that would last centuries. Now when you got your center pieces it is time to go shopping!

At this point, all I need is a pair of pants, a shirt, and shoes. Impossible you say on a budget of fifty dollars, especially for a man who wears size 13 shoes and is 6.2 feet, well to that I say I was also able to add a coat my outfit! And the secret is simple, stop chasing brand stores, stop looking for specific materials, stop going out of your budget, accept that you are fucking broke and go to a local thrift shop! Thrift shops are treasure coves, yes, it’s often second hand, yes you have to take a bit of time going through stuff and maybe do minor adjustments, but beggars can’t be choosers. And if you are feeling ashamed shopping at a secondhand shop, don’t be, the first step on the path to success is accepting the truth and proudly standing in it as Monia Poncik says. Now take what you got and let’s go on an adventure.

For my outfit of the day, I went hunting to “Frip-Prix Renaissance Verdun” and spent there around an hour meticulously going through every row. I started by piling up every single item that caught my eye and would possibly fit. Once again do not overthink! Like something? Put it in the cart, if you think for too long the next person might be faster than you. By the end of the hour, I got to the fitting room with around thirty items in my cart: shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters, all types of colors, patterns and materials. In half an hour, I walked out of the store with a pair of dark gray dress pants (7$), a beautiful purple cotton shirt with a bit of stretch in it (8$) and a fantastic dark gray coat that needed minor adjustments to the buttons (10$). What all these items had in common aside from a great price Is a gentle touch of salt and pepper in the color, matching the vest that I already have. Thus, so far, two out of three items originally from my list and a little extra. All that is left a pair of shoes!

I will repeat again, do not over think, unless the shoes are what you started building from because you had a great pair already, then it is not your centerpiece and you simply need a generic pair, or even a good old pair of Converse if you are going more casual. I like going classic in the choice of my shoes matching them with the belt, it is highly suggested to match your shoes and belt to give form and organization to your look, I disregard that rule only when I wear one of my Converse and go a bit modern. I found what I needed at “Chaussures Super-Prix”, a shoe liquidation store that directly translated is “shoes at a super price”, a pair of flat nosed size 13 black classic Dockers (25$). They will match any simple black belt that you have or can borrow from your father or friend, or again get at a secondhand store for about 4$. The beauty is that a black belt and a pair of simple black shoes can be matched with absolutely anything, becoming a great part of a gentleman’s capsule wardrobe, so next time you want to make a new outfit you have more flexibility because you don’t need to spend money on either. And as for some extra geek and color flare, I threw in a bit more personality with a Gryffindor scarf that I borrowed from my lady!

Fifty dollars got me a look that so far everyone estimated in hundreds, and I am not hiding the fact where I got it as well how much I spent on it! And neither should you if you are on a budget take pride in what you can do on a budget!

A lot of people on Facebook and Instagram asked me where they can find the wooden bowtie that I have so here you go, along with some special deals! :)
AGMS15 for the 15% off for sunwear.
AGMA10 for the 10% off for accessories.

Anton Gladki
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My first article for M'Sieur is live, looking forward to comments and suggestions! #Abton #GentlemenUnite

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