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For Narcopaths in your life.
Write it. Say it. Stick to it. Leave. Go no-contact
Don't say anything to "it", this is for your peace.

"We urge you brethren admonish the unruly, and the faint hearted, help the weak, be patient with everyone."
1st Thessalonians 5: 14
This Community. has been created to encourage, inspire and guide the people that are or have been involved with dysfunctional and emotionally abusive family members, partners or employers.
Please Note:
I am NOT a Psychiatrist 3 Psychologist, Psychiatric Nurse or a Mental Health Councillor but, l am 3 survivor.
My goal is to share with you inspirational stories like the one behind the old hymn. It Is Well With My Soul, various quotes from people like Dr Charles Stanley, Joyce Myer and C S Lewis and amusing comments, and poems like the one below.
For more than four decades my children and I thought l was the problem. However, once I discovered that my ex husband was a Narcissist all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Like a domino falling one after another the answers came flowing as a ice bound river on a warm spring day swirling around my feet.
Slowly, everything made se and with that knowledge came the peace and joy that had been just beyond my finger tips for endless years.

Now let me help you with your journey from where you are today to where I am now. It was a blessing that I met Jesus Christ before l met my three adversaries
who made the lives of my three children and I very difficult financially, emotionally and spiritually. For me they made life very hard but unknown to them my life was rich in blessing galore.

Are you trouble, burdened, blue?
Take my hand l have been troubled, burdened too,
I understand.
Where you've fallen, once l fell -
Oh l know those pitfalls well. Let me help the clouds dispel -
Take my hand.

Others helped when l was weak, Took my hand,
Helped me face towards the peak,
Helped me stand.
What they did, now let me do -
Pass this kindness onto you,
Someday you'll help others too,
Take my hand(let me help you)
-Helen Lowrie Marshall
(words added).

What they did the

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