Hi Sven,

I would like to request support for Android Auto.

I appreciate your decission to minimize development but hope that you have a personal interest in this feature yourself.
Android Auto is a killer app in my opinion and made me switch back to Pocket casts. Yet I miss uPod's effectiveness.

Loving using uPod so far but I need a hand with something really basic...How do I auto download only the latest podcast episode from my subscriptions? It's mystifying me!
All help appreciated!

With Google Play Music including Podcast later this month, what is the prospect of future development?

I love the new changes to the playback screen regarding the notes. It's perfect!

I would like to submit an idea for an update/modification to uPod.

I use the Inbox mode to have new podcasts delivered to the “New” section. There I pick and choose which I’d like to download to listen to later, those that I do not want to download I use the check mark button to mark all finished to have them removed from the new section. What I then have is a list of podcasts I intend to listen to in my “Saved for later” section. Here I typically click on one to play, which then starts the podcast. When the podcast is over uPod presents me with a “Your playlist is empty” screen. To start another podcast I need to hit the back arrow to get to another blank “Your playlist is empty” screen, then tap the 3 bars to tap “Saved for later” to get back to the list of podcasts I have downloaded.

Could uPod be designed such that if you finish a single podcast (or your last podcast in the playlist) it not show the "Your playlist is empty” screen but default to the “Saved for later” screen, if there are no podcasts saved then default to the “New”, and then if there are no podcasts in the “New” section then default to the “My Podcasts” screen?

Essentially I think it is inefficient to present the user with a blank screen that they need to tap out of when the app could be designed to logically default to a screen where the user might want to go to to play another podcast.

Or, if I choose to automatically add all downloaded podcasts to my playlist screen, is there a way to not automatically start the next podcast in the playlist once one finishes? I like to manually choose each podcast I play and not have them start automatically.

Thanks! Love the app, easily my favorite android app.

I have 3 podcasts in my list without any cover. Is there a way to get some custom covers for these podcasts?

Can you please share a little bit of "logic" of the app? I mean how do you expect all of us to use all the tabs and sections? How are you (as creator) using them? I mean I need something like this: "New episodes apper in New. Then you look at them and send unwanted to hell, send what you want to listen right now to playlist and what you want to listen on your way to work to Later. Then they appear blablabla". I want this stuff just to understand what you mean under all this sections, because I don't really use them correctly now (IMO)

P.S. Also some small bugs. Sometimes (maybe always) podcast with length of exactly 2 hours shows length of 1:60. And in settings quotes are inverted: instead of <<this>> they look like >>that<<

Hello community,

Let me try to describe a problem that I have been experiencing for a while already and that limits the satisfaction with uPod (which is otherwise great).

Sometimes it happens that uPod doesn't remember where I stopped playing a podcast. It always happens whenever the uPod icon is no longer visible in the top left of the screen.

I suspect that uPod then doesn't remember the last file position because it was terminated and no longer running.

I hope I somehow was able to describe my problem. If you have any questions, I'm happy to respond and help solving the problem!


~ Robert

Android 4.x Beta Testers needed!

Last week I've announced the new way how beta releases are distributed and a few users have already signed up. But I still need some more, especially those using Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to 4.4 (KitKat).

So if you are an Android 4.x user and are willing to experiment, head over to http://upod.mobi/beta.

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Hi all, 

I am wondering whether uPod currently is or can be made compatible with the excellent gpodder.net service. For more information, see this link: http://wiki.gpodder.org/wiki/Web_Services/Clients



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New mechanism for distribution of Beta releases

Starting from now I'll use Twitter's Crashlytics to distribute beta releases instead of Google play. The benefit for me is, that I get much more insights in the platforms a beta version has been tested on. This was a common question for me in the past, but it is an essential information to decide whether a release is ready for the broad public of the users.

Further on if I see crashes I cannot reproduce, I am able to contact you, to get more information about the crash.

You can choose between two channels: The nightly channel which receives the latest developer releases (these are running on my devices) and the beta channel which receives the classical beta releases. 

You will receive an e-mail each time a new release is available which you can then install with just a click.

So if you want to continue to participate in beta testing go to http://upod.mobi/beta and follow the instructions.
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