can some people give me any ideas that i should do for my birthday tomorrow?

hey guys im new here and i was wondering if anyone here is in Belen new mexico and goes to Belen high. 14 to 16 years of age and looking for a relationship. some information if you are interested. My name is Kaitlynn but i like to go by Kat, i am 15 and like black veil brides, the song throne,  Meg Myers, panic at the disco, my chemical romance, etc. I listen to country and pop a little bit also. I currently have short hair which I am planing to grow out and dye a different color. If you are interested just add me to chat or if you go to the school you can fine me. and i dont mind if you have piercings

Hey everyone i am new here anyone on and want to chat i am willing to chat bored as hell

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Hello everyone

Hi. I'm new. Anyone want to chat?

This isn't exactly relevant, but I just felt like sharing it with you guys(it's a Iittle confusing Lolz) it's called DAY LILIES

For six days, full throated,they praised the light with speckled tongues and blare of silence by the porch stair: honor guards with blazons and trumpets raised still heralding the steps of those who have not for years walked here but who once,pausing, chose this slope for a throng of lilies: and hacked mattock,pitching stones a clods aside to tamp dense clumps of bogsoil for new roots to seize. So lilies tongued the brassy air and cast it back in the suns wide hearing. So, the pair who planted the bulbs stood and heard that clarion silence. We've heard it, standing here towards the sunset as those gaping,burnished corollas poured their flourish. But the petals have shriveled, from each crumples knot droops at angle of rough notes shrunk to a caul of music. Extend your palms: you could as well cup sunbeams as pour brimful again those absent flowers, or touch the quick arms if those who bent here, trowel in hand, and scraped and sifted soil held in a bed of stone,

This is a free verse poem. I hope to become professional someday, so don't be afraid to tell, me me what you think, goodor bad!!!

I remember the days
When I used to Smile.
You used to be mine
All mine.
But soon my happiness was diminished
When I found you were lying
But you promised
Our Love was undying.
But somehow,
Just somehow, I moved on.I had my dark thoughts, like everyone does.
But I moved on.
I just moved on.

just because you asked me to carrie england
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