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Thanatos stands over a dead man, looking down upon him, as the Servant of Death. "I'm sorry it had to come to this, pesménos
énas." You, wandering the plains, stumble upon him.
(Open RP)

Name: Thanatos, the Soul Reaper
Gender: Male
Faction: None
Species: Lich (Undead Necromancer)
Age: 1000

Personality: Thanatos is the Guiding Spirit of the Dead and the Judge of the Condemned, as well as the Servant of Death. As the Guiding Spirit, he is generous and wise. As the Judge, he is brutal and unforgiving. As the Servant of Death, he is loyal and merciless.
Strengths: Thanatos commands the respect of all the dead. He is wise through the memories of the dead, and is extremely skilled with his scythe and claws.
Weaknesses: Thanatos can be driven away temporarily through light magic. He also has a Soul Shard, which contains his very soul, around his neck. Destroy this, and he's done for. He will be completely destroyed.
Magic/Powers: Thanatos possesses the ability to raise the dead to serve him. He is immortal, and can use dark magic. If his physical body is damaged, he can regenerate. He can fly, through his shadow manipulation.
Weapons/Arsenal: Thanatos possesses three  weapons: the Staff of Wisdom, his weapon in the form of the Guiding Spirit of the Dead, the Scythe of the Reaper, his weapon in the form of the Judge of the Condemned, and the Claws of Darkness, his weapon in the form of the Servant of Death. Along with this, he wears the Cloak of Phobos, which emanates an aura of fear. The Staff is a black staff carved with ancient and mystic runes granting the user the knowledge of the secrets of the dead. The Scythe is a dual-bladed scythe crafted out of the bodies of the dead granting the user the power of the dead's souls. The Claws are twin sets of metal claws that meld with the user's hands granting the user the stealth of the shadows.

History: In life, Thanatos was a Priest of Death. Among the Priests, one would be selected to become the permanent servant of Death. Thanatos was this one. He is the Spirit King and the Reaper to men.
Appearance: Thanatos looks like a traditional Reaper. He is a skeleton covered by a black cloak - the Cloak of Phobos. He wears a necklace of gold with an emerald on it - his Soul Shard. 

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(Still alive eh)
Name: Knight Althalos Leafblighter; The Knights of Malta

Age: 29 (Elf age is 159 and the knowledge of a 51 year old)

Gender: Male

Race: High Elf

Status: Noblity (Dosent show it even if he is a knight)

Class: Knight of the eastern woodland of Malta

Skills: A left handed master swords man (Also right but his left is his good arm :p), Honor and nobleilty, and in his land; was also known as a knight whos poise can stand up to almost anything

Powers: Animal communication and ignoreing people that he doesn't have concren too

Odd Occurrences: Loves the color blue and never talks (NEVER), but only his people can understand him

Catch phrase: ...

Armament: His presonal two handed sword with a very curious enchantment, a Great Shield thats prefect at blocking physical attacks (Arrows, Swords, etc) His armor, pladded with Quicksliver metal, steel chain rings, and his blue robes made by his people of Malta for him and his brother, and a ring with a symbol of a wolf that he thinks will bring him good luck

Alignment: Lawful Neutral to Neutral Good

Description: Born into a high noble elven family and the eldest son of the Leafblighter family, he became a knight at the standered age of 21 in the eastren elf kingdom of Malta, Reknown for his poise, Swordsmenship, and his way to talk to animals he desided to explore the land beyond the woods and look at what the locals do, find intresting things with the color blue or curious looking objects, and to understand how the other races work. But leaveing the city somehow intertwine his fate and soon this knight will be tested for a hidden darkness surrounded his homeland and everyone that he cares most

Body type:
height 6,3
weights 182 pounds (191 with armor)
Doesnt show anything else because he hides his face under his helmet
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i hide out in a cave i just found curled up in a ball water leaks in from the entrance i shake my head to get the water out if my ears and the fur on my head

what kind of pets are there??

Lol you guys can RP whenever you feel like it.

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Name: Faria S'jone
Faction: Shifting weather
Species: Shara'das (wood/dark elf with metal bones/nails)
Age: 26

Personality: (has two halfs) Cocky, Rude, Fun, Loving, care free. Strict, caring, motherly, serious, hot headed.
Strengths: Hand to hand combat, simple magic, eye sight, stealth, hearing 
Weaknesses: Storms, being alone for a long period of time, food, the center of the hollow of her back.

Magic/Powers: shadows, electricity, conjuration, healing
Weapons/Arsenal: Double swords, daggers, bow

History: Separated from her family after they took out an innocent family of humans because they thought it was fun.

Appearance: straight black  hair that fades to white, it goes to the middle of her thigh and comes to a point, mostly in a braid but when let down it is a natural ringlet v-cut. Skinny, well toned, 5'6, tanned skin, royal Purple eyes with gold flecks that go from the outer ring and mix in with the purple that glow when she is feeling a powerful emotion. She has three tattoos (see pictures) 
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Name: Ebony Aureus
Gender: Female
Faction: Unaffiliated
Species: Half Demon
Age: 19

Personality: Distint but child like. Always curies to know what is going on but has a lack of understanding of people. She fears other people to an extant. But Ebony has always been one to face her fears and often foresee herself to interact with the human race. Most demons won't have anything to do with her but sometimes she get curies and watches them.

Magic/Powers: She can use basic Magic and when she is using magic a read flame appears around her eye.

Weapons/Arsenal:a large sword with a golden blade curving at its point. It has a long handle with a skull-like object on top and a hilt shaped like a crescent.
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Name: Ariadné
Gender: Female
Faction: Unaffiliated
Species: Human (probably)
Age: 23

Personality: Passive & vague, almost dreamy (Goes berserk when a dear one is injured or killed)
Strengths: Resolve, immense magical energy, evasion with the slightest of moves
Weaknesses: Gullible, some spells take time to cast rendering her defenseless, forgetful even in the time of war, slow, when not berserk she's prone to taking damage from dark sorcery.

Magecraft, Runecraft, Force magic, Healing,  Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Usage of Forbidden magecraftery only when berserk but not otherwise
Uses a staff but can perform magecraft without it, can summon Odin's spear and Artemis's Bow

Abducted as a child by the empire as a possible candidate for being an oracle she has just a vague memory of her mother....who was beheaded in front of her when she tried to stop the guards from taking her. She cried and cried but was thrown into a dungeon with the other candidates for twelve moons. Eventually she made friends and became almost normal. She received intensive training in all forms of magecraft and basic combat skills and was very quick at grasping new skills. Unfortunately she was exploited many times during the course, which she allowed in order to save her best friend from suffering from being exploited. She reached the final level "Omega" - Ω along with two other candidates (one of them her best friend and another - a red haired woman). She gave an outstanding never-before-seen kind of  demonstration of sheer power, exceptional skill and absolute self control (which was tested using "otherworldly beings" which were put into her body, and although normal people give in to what the "Otherworldly beings" desire, she did not give in) which caused her name to automatically register in the Monolith of Ages kept by the secretive Arcane faction of mages, (a fact unknown to her and the Oracles & Oracle masters). Despite her exceptional talent she failed the final test due to deception by her best friend, (the one she tried to save from being exploited) who slept with the Oracle Masters to gain advantage making her entire life a joke, turning her  emotionless and vague. She left the Academy and dwelled in the citadel for a while performing minor healings in the slums and provided magecraft backup for hired mercenaries. She developed forbidden magecraftery on her own one day while taking a night stroll upon seeing the guards of the empire trying to take another little girl forcefully from her mother causing her to go berserk, a personification of wrath and rage. Although the child was saved, she got branded as a demon-witch because of the horrific blood bath she caused. Cast out of the society she roams the countryside now, basically aimless, helping out whoever asks for help. She is skilled in using the staff as a weapon for basic physical combat but doesn't necessarily need it for casting magic.
Straw blonde hair, blue eyes, petite, has an Omega - "Ω" branded on the back of her neck.
Theme song: Gymnopédies No.1 by Eric Satie
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