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Thanks for all the help over the past few weeks voting.  We're closing the vote now, but hopefully you'll be happy to hear that a resounding 83% of the votes were Yes after over 1,000 votes.  We're now sharing our holding page, so please show your support and register your interest at the link below.  We're currently looking for investment and are hoping to launch the website early in the new year.  If you're interested in investing or know anyone that might be, then let us know!

Thanks again.

What is the origin of Mayan civilization?

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Thanks to Dave Kehr and the New York Times Digital for this exceptional piece ~ Mr. Jerome "Jerry" Levitch Lewis (B.3/16/1926-d. 8/19/2017) ~ Rest in Peace ~ You are Legend ~

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I, personally have no objection to keeping controversial monuments, instead of having them removed. They commemorate atrocious events or despicable figures and should have a place in history, as memorials of shame. One could paint over them with graffiti or something demeaning to demonstrate one's disgust and cotempt.
In June, Adolf Hitler's house in Braunau where he was born, has been seized by the Austrian government from an owner, with support of the highest court, to stop it from becoming a pilgrim site. It is not yet clear what the government plans to do with the property. The interior minister’s call for demolition was met with angry resistance from other politicians and historians. Instead, it will most likely be used by a charity.

Akbar’s Bridge

Rudyard Kipling

“The Debt”

Moved his standards out of Delhi to Jaunpore of lower Hind,
Where a mosque was to be builded, and a lovelier ne’er was planned;
And Munim Khan, his Viceroy, slid the drawings ‘neath his hand.

(High as Hope upsheered her out-works to the promised Heavens above.
Deep as Faith and dark as Judgment her unplumbed foundations dove.
Wide as Mercy, white as moonlight, stretched her forecourts to the dawn;
And Akbar gave commandment, “Let it rise as it is drawn.”)

Then he wearied-the mood moving-of the men and things he ruled, And he walked beside the Goomti while the flaming sunset cooled,
Simply, without mark or ensign-singly, without guard and guide,
Till he heard an angry woman screeching by the river-side.

’Twas the Widow of the Potter, a virago feared and known
In haste to cross the ferry, but the ferry-man had gone.
So she cursed him and his office, and hearing Akbar’s tread,
(She was very old and darkling) turned her wrath upon his head.

But he answered - being Akbar - ”Suffer me to scull you o’er.”
Called her “Mother,” stowed her bundles, worked the clumsy scow from shore,
Till they grounded on a sand-bank, and the Widow loosed her mind;
And the stars stole out and chuckled at the Guardian of Mankind

“Oh, most impotent of bunglers! Oh, my daughter’s daughter’s brood
Waiting hungry on the threshold; for I cannot bring their food,
Till a fool has learned his business at their virtuous grandma’s cost,
And a greater fool, our Viceroy, trifles while her name is lost!

“Munim Khan, that Sire of Asses, sees me daily come and go
As it suits a drunken boatman, or this ox who cannot row.
Munim Khan, the Owl’s Own Uncle - Munim Khan, the Capon’s seed,
Must build a mosque to Allah when a bridge is all we need!

“Eighty years I eat oppression and extortion and delays
- Snake and crocodile and fever, flood and drouth, beset my ways.
But Munim Khan must tax us for his mosque whate’er befall
Allah knowing (May He hear me!) that a bridge would save us all!”

While she stormed that other laboured and, when they touched the shore,
Laughing brought her on his shoulder to her hovel’s very door.
But his mirth renewed her anger, for she thought he mocked the weak;
So she scored him with her talons, drawing blood on either cheek....

Jelaludin Muhammed Akbar, Guardian of Mankind,
Spoke with Munim Khan his Viceroy, ere the midnight stars declined
- Girt and sworded, robed and jewelled, but on either cheek appeared
Four shameless scratches running from the turban to the beard.

Allah burn all Potters’ Widows! Yet, since this same night was young,
One has shown me by sure token, there was wisdom on her tongue.
Yes, I ferried her for hire. “Yes,” he pointed, “I was paid.”
And he told the tale rehearsing all the Widow did and said.

And he ended, “Sire of Asses - Capon-Owl’s Own Uncle - know
I - most impotent of bunglers - I - this ox who cannot row
I - Jelaludin Muhammed Akbar, Guardian of Mankind -
Bid thee build the hag her bridge and put our mosque from out thy mind.”
So ’twas built, and Allah blessed it; and, through earthquake, flood, and sword,
Still the bridge his Viceroy builded throws her arch o’er Akhar’s Ford!

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Most influential person in history?
Any other candidates please explain.
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A lot of people these days wish that the assorted Nazis and White Supremacists and other kooks would just go find an island somewhere and get out of the United States. But what a lot of people don't realize is that less than 40 years ago, they actually tried to do that, in a lunatic plot that reads like something that might have been dreamed up by a supervillian in a James Bond movie.

The people that comprised this real-life SPECTRE were hardly geniuses, but they formed a maladjusted alliance of some of the very worst racists, radicals, nutcases, and dupes that North America had to offer in the early 80's. This ragtag group united Canadian Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan with Rastafarian guerrillas, the mafia, mercenaries who thought they were helping to fight Communism on behalf of the CIA, and a weapons smuggler from Barbados in a scheme to overthrow the government of Dominica and remove Prime Minister Eugenia Charles from power, a failed invasion that a mocking press would later nickname The Bayou of Pigs.

The mastermind - if the term can be applied here - was a Texas Klan bigshot named Mike Perdue, a Marine vet who claimed to have seen action in Vietnam, Nicaragua and Uruguay. Perdue had been networking with other like-minded degenerates across the country and abroad, like Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Don Black, also of the National Socialist White Peoples' Party (Nazis - they weren't kidding about that in 'The Blues Brothers') and the eventual founder and webmaster of the notorious Stormfront web forum; German-Canadian white supremacist Wolfgang Droege, veteran of extremist groups such as the Western Guard and the Nationalist Party of Canada, second-in-command of the Canadian Ku Klux Klan (yeah, that's a thing); and David Duke, former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, founder of the National Association for the Advancement of White People, and future Republican Louisiana state representative.

The plan - which may or may not have been lifted from the Christopher Walken movie "The Dogs of War" - was to charter a boat to Dominica so that Perdue's faction could rendezvous with former Dominican Prime Minister Patrick John and his ragtag army of Rasta rebels. The white supremacists would then help create a black revolutionary government with John at its head, and in exchange, would be granted diplomatic immunity - which would protect them from prosecution for any criminal acts that they may or may not have been planning to carry out abroad - and everyone would profit as the island became a criminal haven for drug dealers, arms merchants, money launderers, and casinos. A small group of Klansmen had already been dispatched to the island as an advance reconnaissance force, and Canadian and American white supremacists were bankrolling the affair. Perdue and his men had stockpiled automatic weapons, shotguns, rifles, handguns, dynamite, and lots and lots of ammunition for the invasion, which he dubbed Operation Red Dog. And they were also bringing along a Nazi flag and a Confederate flag.

The affair came remarkably close to succeeding, especially considering the amount of incompetence and hooey that flavored it. As it happens, the arrangement for the chartered boat to Dominica fell through, and Perdue approached another captain with a story about undercover CIA operations and Commie-fighting in the Caribbean. The captain, not being a complete moron, determined that the story didn't quite pass the smell test and contacted the Feds, who swooped down on the team and arrested them all without firing a shot. The advance force was arrested in Dominica, along with Patrick John, and further arrests were made in Canada. Mike Perdue, when faced with a lengthy prison sentence, had sold out his whole crew and sang like a canary.

Those interested in the unbelievable details of this loony coup, I'll direct you to Stewart Bell's excellent (and hilarious) account of the affair, titled "Bayou Of Pigs."
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If anyone would like to talk about the Qin Dynasty, make sure to call into the show today! Between 15:00 and 17:00, Los Angeles Time.
The number is 719-284-5873, with the pin 24777.
If you are a kid, or know a kid, and wanna talk about this: Call in TODAY!
If anyone would like to talk about the Qin Dynasty, make sure to call into the show today! Between 15:00 and 17:00, Los Angeles Time.
The number is 719-284-5873, with the pin 24777.
If you are a kid, or know a kid, and wanna talk about this: Call in TODAY!
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