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Howdy Folks,
Sticky Notes is now available on OneNote Web for an early preview. With this your sticky notes will now sync with Sticky Notes app on Windows , OneNote mobile , web and Outlook. Do give it a try and let us know about your experience.

Hi. I have joined the beta testers program via Play Store One note app and have updated the app to version 16.0.11029.20060. Have closed the app and re-opened several times, have restarted the phone (Samsung Note 9), and still I am unable to see the tabs at the bottom of the screen, rather I am still seeing the old interface. Any suggestions? Thanks

For 1-8 notebooks it works without any problem. After adding the ninth notebook, the app crashes and can not be used.
(Honor 10 COL-L29, Android 8.1)

How do you share annotations with Android?

I didn't find sticky notes support on my Samsung Tab S3 ?

When tapping on an inserted pdf printout to move or resize it the keyboard pops up, blocking a large part of the screen. Is this an intended feature? It is very annoying when rearranging

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请适配adaptive icon,adaptive navigation bar,不然实在是太丑了,和系统分割感太强
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Would it be possible to add better Print to PDF capabilities to the OneNote for Android? When sharing a page as PDF it will not output the PDF on page-by-page basis, but rather it puts it all in a single long page.

Sometimes I need to send notes to other colleagues and this would be very useful instead of having to have my laptop at hand for this.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

How do I leave the beta program in Play Store? I can't access my work account in OneNote and I'm trying to rule out variables by using production builds only.

The beta version 20024 is working well for me. The better camera features allows me to skip using Office Lens. Thank you. When I take a picture with office lens and take a picture with one note, the resolution of the image smaller on the onenote version. Please enable a way to set the resolution for the OneNote camera. Thanks again for all your hard work.
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