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We have refreshed the beta build (version#16.0.8241.1758 for arm and version#16.1.8241.1758 for x86). This should be available in couple of hours.

This refresh has following changes:
• Fixed Web Clipper issues:
○ Garbled text in Screenshot mode for Korean websites
○ Failure of clipper for websites with huge amount of content
○ Enabling Location Picker while screenshot/article is still being downloaded
• Updated sync architecture to provide the following:
○ Improved sync reliability
○ Improved sync performance by syncing text and ink content in the notebooks before images and attachments
• Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Please upgrade to latest build and let us know if you encounter any issues. We would also appreciate any feedback around these changes.

New users: Please follow the instructions given under "About community" section to get the latest beta build

Any updates on a lasso tool? PowerPoint has it.

The last production version has a bug.
After i shared one page as Plain text,
Onenote remains stucked with the previous app i shared the page with. I cannot chose any new app anymore to share with
Has this been fixed?


Just isnt working on my pixel C tablet running latest beta O. Forced close many times, add page gives blank uneditable page which is corrupted and doesn't sync. Ive tried reinstalling and this device has been rebuilt recently. Perhaps caused because I'm behind a corporate single sign on solution?

Let me know what you need to resolve, happy to help

Device ID 033f11028869e4c1

Somebody have the same problem has me?
I can't do copy/paste from Onenote to any Android app, the current version I'm using is 16.0.8241.1769

Thanks in advance

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When I share a note the app selection screen does not give an option for once or always. A selection sets to always. 

Would it be possible to have the Notebook list not reset during sync. When I have scrolled down the list of notebooks while sync is occurring the list will reset the list focus back to the top.
This makes it very difficult to select a notebook at the end or off screen.
This is on a Samsung Note 5.

I've been having a lot of sync issues since the last update. Some notebooks would not sync successfully because they keep getting the error code '0xE0000007'.

I have pages that I edit almost every minute. An issue that happens is that there are times when hours old version of these pages would suddenly display. The first time this happened, I thought I lost my edits. I edited the old version and that caused a version conflict. I learned that if I wait for a minute that the updated version reappears.

It's not just pages that this happens to. One time I moved some pages in a section. A few hours later when I went back to that section, the pages were showing like I've never moved those pages. I waited for a minute and the section then showed the updated arrangement.

Just today, I went to edit a page and just as I started to type my phone appeared to freeze and I saw that page suddenly display an hour old version. 😯

Yesterday, my work password expired and I had to change it. My work notes stop syncing because it still was using the old expired password. The sync error message said that it needs my credentials but I could not find a way to update it in the app. I had to log out of my accounts (also, there seems to be no way to log out of just one account) and it took hours before I could successfully connect to my work account again so during that time I had no access to my work notes. And now that notebook is also having the error 0xE0000007 that won't go away. 😟

v1787 non-functional

After the latest update (1787), OneNote Android runs and gives "Getting your notes..." then shows the "Recent notes" screen briefly, then closes.

I've cleared data and uninstalled / reinstalled. Once it's logged back in, I'm back to the same problem. 

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Guys the issue that I told u before, was not resolved with your update, can u please help me?
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