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Welcome to my community where you can post anything and I would care less EXCEPT FOR THE ASK TO BE MODERATOR I'M GONNA CHANGE THAT (when I am not lazy :O) photos can belong to you or someone else doesn't matter and FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T JOIN TO JUST HATE OTHER PEOPLE YOUR OPINION DOESN'T MATTER TO THEM

Any male wanna do a roleplay

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I was studying then I fell asleep you came in because you were my room mate and noticed i fell asleep

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Theme: Romance, Drama, Sexual, Kinky/BDSM
Long term please


The morning was already going badly for Y/N. He was the CEO of a bigshot company that runs resorts all over the world. Be was not only late to a meeting, but he had full schedule for the rest of the day and If his assumptions were correct, he'd still be working late into the night. He had no time to stop, it was only just go, go,go.

As he hurried around a corner, he collided into an office worker. Paper flew into the air before fluttering to the ground. With a yelp, the woman collapsed to the ground. Glancing up, she gave a weak, nervous smile to Y/N as her shaking hands began to gather up the paper. Despite the smile, her eyes were filled with horror. Shaking his head, he sighed in irritation.

"This company has no place for a klutz. Don't let this happen again."

Hissing out a warning to the terrified girl, he continued on to his meeting.


Just as predicted, he was still working even as the hour came closer to midnight. Everyone had gone home, save for the security guards. Or at least everyone was supposed to be gone. As he was packing up his things to leave, he saw the woman from earlier that way, sitting at a computer. She yawned as she lifted a huge to her mouth. Keeping her eyes on the screen, she took a drink. Soon enough she continued to type and write things down. Growling a bit, he walked to her desk and crossed his arms, standing in front of her.

"What a troublesome girl. Why are you still here?"

As he spoke, she froze in place, forcing her head up slowly in a tilt. Most girls who can in his proximity tried desperately to flirt with him, head over heels for him, but this woman was just scared. It was an interesting change.

"A-Ah. I was trying to finish up work, Sir..."

She stuttered out slowly, anxiously staring with her honey colored eyes. After a moment to study her face, he sighed.

"Come along now. Go on home."

"But my wo-"

"Did you not hear me? Go home. It's too late to be thinking well enough to do paper work."

Nodding slowly, she logged off and cleaned up her space. Noticing that Y/N was waiting on her, she picked up her coat and purse quickly, pulling both on as she's walked over to him. Together, the two began to exit the building. Her was completely silent, staring at the ground.

"Did you have a ride home?"

The question he asked caused her head to turn to him. Slowly, she shook her head in reply. With a soft groan he nodded, thinking a but.

"I'll drive you home then."

The words shocked her so she had to take a moment to process it, then she quickly put her hands up and shook her head again, more alarmed now.

"N-no, Mr. Y/N. I really don't want to burden you. I can call a cab"

She politely tried to define his offer, but a sharp look caused her mouth to shut. Silent again, she let him lead her to his car. Pulling out a pair of keys from his pocket, he unlocked the doors to his car, a fancy and expensive one, and yanked the door on the passenger side open for the woman. Reluctantly, she sits down. As he pushed the door shut, she stared up at him.


As he drove, following her directions to her residence, he tried to recall what her name was. He had scene her every so often in the office and was sure he had heard her name at least once. After a moment, the memory returned. From what he had heard, her name was Adora Gregory.


Soon enough, he pulled up in front of a small, brick house. Awkwardly, she climbed out and up the steps of her house. To make sure she got into her home safely, he waited and watched. Adorra dug through her purse, fumbling around for a few minutes before shyly turning back to him. With a simple gesture of the hand, beckoning for her, she stumbled back down the stairs. Rolling down his windows, Y/N spoke to her.

"Where are your keys?"

"I locked them in my house..."

She mumbled out, looking emmbarrased.

"What at my apartment for the night. Tomorrow, call a locksmith. Alright? Now get in."

He demanded and again, she slowly sat back down in his car. Within minutes, they were at a large building. The two climbed out and Y/N hand the keys to a man who she assumed would park it for him. He leads her into the building and into a lobby. Not having enough time to look around they head straight on up until he leads her into a very large apartment. Slowly, she wandered into his home, curiously looking around before looking back at him.

Male characters only
Please state their name.
Must be dominant, possessive, and even a bit rude.
We can discuss what kind of kinks are alright in a pp.
Be descriptive! 3-4+ lines please.
Please describe your character or provide a picture.

Sorry this is so crappy
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[I Really don’t care if you’re descriptive or not because I am an understanding person and I also have busy days where I can only make one sentence so it’s fine just please don’t let this roleplay die. Thank you]

Joanna Evans was a local detective and you were what she thought of as her rival you both tried to solve cases as quick and as accurate as you both could. Well one day Joanna was walking around in a not so crowded mall when she spotted you and strutted over to you and cooed "Well well well if it isn't my rival, y/n"

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Tokyo ghoul rp anyone? Any human,ccg,or ghoul ocs? I have oc and starter.

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This is a very dark starter involving an obsessive stalker and animal abuse, if you are sensitive to these topics, you may not want to read on.
Kate was a normal teenage girl, she wasn't the most popular girl in school but she had friends and almost always got good grades, everything was going great for her, that was until you came along.. who were you exactly? Well, that she hadn't figured out yet. Kate was an animal lover, she often volunteered at the local animal shelter. Over the months, slowly all of her animals began to die. It started off with the family dog, Marcie. She was just fine one morning but then later that same day, when Kate got off of school..Marcie was dead. Her parents blamed it on old age, Marcie was getting older after all but how could she go from being fine to this? The loss of Marcie hit Kate hard and her mother let her have a couple days off of school to grieve but then she eventually had to go back. After about a month, Kate's parents decided to get Kate a puppy and surprise her with it, in hopes of cheering her up which it did... that was until it turned up dead too.. Kate didn't understand why this was happening and neither did her parents, they suspected worms since puppies are prone to those but Kate didn't understand how the puppy could have worms when they had took all of the steps to prevent things like this from happening. Kate was very depressed and began to devote pretty much all of her free time at the animal shelter, it was her happy place. Lately there had been quite a few adoptions, mostly Kate's favorites, Kate was happy that they were getting a second chance that was until each and every animal that had gotten adopted ended up dead.. all from different causes but all left on the side of the road, always the same road, the road that Kate took everyday to get home from school or the animal shelter, Kate didn't understand it, she couldn't wrap her head around what was going on, she stopped going to the animal shelter and refused to go that way home, she took the long route instead, she just couldn't stumble upon another one, she couldn't, her heart couldn't take it anymore. It was hard to keep her grades up now, she couldn't stop thinking about the animals..She was losing friends because that's all she could talk about, it wasn't her fault that she was heart broken. Now with her attention no longer on the animals and most of her friends abandoning her, she could finally focus her attention on you...but wait, there was just one more thing you needed to get rid of..those pesky parents of hers.
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