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hi everyone 

Let's get started;  Step One 

Do you believe in god ?

 and do you Know God’s Name ?

Think about it, the first thing we do when we meet someone is ask there name. How can we become friends with anyone without knowing their name,  their likes and dislikes.

Sorry It's been a while, But it has been very busy 

our name's  Rich & Maria and we love helping people understand the bible and Gods purpose for us.

to start we  have 3 Questions for everyone 

Do you believe & trust the bible is the word of god completely ? 

Do you believe in Jesus and that he is gods son? 

If not why?  or if you have doubt what is it ? 

Hi, did you know there is about 21 major religious group, and within these groups over 4 thousands religions.  Keeping that in mind .. Do you think they are all right or is there only one right one??? 

There is an answer and it's in the Bible. Share your thoughts 
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