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You can join my chat group on google hangouts just send me your email so I can invite you.

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Why am I posting this here because more members.. Plus my community I can post whatever I want.

I have an good news...a community has been suffering raiders for 2 years with no mods and the owner has been inactive for 2 years also...there is no one there to stop the raiders. I couldn't stand by and let a community be taken by raiders.. One person needed one last endorsement to become the owner and I kindly gave them the last one hoping that they will be approved and finally put a stop to it and take the community back from the raiders and fix it up...let us all hope..this is the person that does a large amount of the raiding on the Furry rp's a different one.. And it's not the cleanest but I'm hoping that if the person gets approved as owner that they will clean it up..

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Watch out for haters guys. If you see people linking furry communities and saying they are going to raid it warn that community about it and get mods on the's the right thing to do.

Welcome to da comunity. Please ask all you furry friends to join!
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