Orienteering questions:
1. Explain how to use a compass and the map properly.
2. Look on the internet and draw the orienteering flag.
3. Give your opinion about the orienteering race.

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Dancing. Work groups, kind of dance and order.
Group 1: Amanda, Elena, Marina y Laura. Bachata. (orden 2)
Group 2: Gonzalo, Alejandro, Carla, Adrián. Cha-cha-cha. (orden 1)
Group 3: Ikram, Ikram, Boutzaina, Alejandra. Salsa. (orden 4)
Group 4: Alberto M. , Moha, Carlos, José Luis. Hip-Hop. (orden 3)

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session 5
9. Which kind of strenght is making sets of 4-6 repetitions until exhaustion?.
10. Which is the objective?

Session 4:
7. Which kind of strength is making sets of 8-12 repetitions until exhaustion?.
8. Which is the objetive?

Session 3:
5. Explain how to execute an squat properly.
6. Explain the concept of CORE. Why is so important?

Session 2:
3. How could I express the intensity in strength training?. Give an example.
4. How could I express the volume in strength training? Give an example.

Session 1 (strength):
1 and 2. Copy and complete the table with results and marks of today's session.
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