I have no pack, and I want none. My mate was destroyed long ago, and now I walk alone. Food is scarce, but i survive.

Name: Alona
Pack: none
Personality: none of your buisiness
Age: 7 years
Gender: female

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Name: Faith
Age: 2 and a half
Gender: female
Rank: hunter
Mate: wants
Pups: wants
Personality: Strong, determined, fierce, kind and loving.

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Name: Night
Gender: Female
Age: 6 moons
Pack: Howling Moon
Rank: in training
Father: Flame
Mother: Cleo
Brother: Falcon (X)
Fact: Half cat half wolf
Personality: Quiet, calm, shy, quick learner, and fights well for a beginner
Bio: Born in a cave and lived there for 6 moons, then her father invited her to join the pack
Appearance: same body as pic, but has a long tail, smaller head, pointier ears, and blue eyes.
(BTW this is Wolfstar as a kit)

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(Btw this wolf is from my story)
Name: Flame
Gender: Male
Age: 17 moons
Mate: Cleo
Pack: Howling Moon
Rank: Hunter
Daughter: Night
Son: Falcon (X)
Fact: Is gentle and friendly with other animals (cats, dogs, foxes, coyotes)
Bio: Born in this pack and raised. He left for a mission for 3 moons and that's when he met Cleo, later she gave birth to Night, who is 6 moons currently.

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Name: Misty
Age: 1
gender: female
Rank: ???
Pack: The pack of running river
personality: Kind, Calm, Motherly at times
likes: going for walks, Peaceful places
dislikes: rudness, fighting
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Are you worthy of stepping into the wild?

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Sorry I haven't posted this sooner

Name: Rylia
Age: 15 (Quite old for a wolf)
gender: female
Rank: Alpha
Pack: The pack of green glen
personality: Rylia is a wolf that's quite old in a way, she acts like one too, being motherly and protective. She seems to be strict but she only does it to protect the pack and the ones she loves.
likes: Sleeping in the sun, going for walks on a path in the woods
dislikes: Poachers, fighting
Bio: undecided

Char looks at his pack hmmmmmmm......... I would like to know if any approvements could be made to the pack if so speak!

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=3,love it my OC
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