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The war in question has to be distinguishably viewed and understood as a ‘Armed Conflict’ within the sphere of international humanitarian law and it is not a mere common case of crime or deviation from the law, nor it is a trifling insurrection or belligerence beyond boundaries thus cannot be confined to regional decisions. The principle of international humanitarian law that applies here is of JUS AD BELLUM or in modern times the rules governing the use of force. Jus In Bello, basically deals with fact as it is, i.e. with the fact of armed clash irrespective of what caused the conflict and whether at all it is justified. It does not concern itself with lawfulness or unlawfulness of armed conflict. This is the law(IHL). The article clarifies in a capsule form the situation at Gaza through the eyes of international humanitarian laws and what can be done in a positive way; lest the conflict gives way in all probability to endangering international peace and security, if not handled prudently by experienced experts in the field of international laws, human rights and international humanitarian laws ( in particular with eminent unprejudiced senior scholars to be represented at the UN who have researched on the crises and such crises in the past.) International Humanitarian Law demands respect for certain rules which were already recognized as essential in all civilized countries and enacted in their municipal law of states. However since the matter has transgressed and ignored gravely , the international humanitarian laws, by both conflicting parties, it now calls the attention of world comity. Even if the UN calls for mass evacuation to spare the lives of civilians would be a commendable strategy though a difficult one, (subject to the final views of experienced senior legal experts in international laws, and a resolution passed to that effect by the UN); to be sheltered in the peaceful neighboring regions that support any of them. The need of the hour is to “Save Lives”. Rising emotions from the comforts of our home or legal thesis ,or negotiation bids wouldn’t solve the problem, but the international commissions appointed for the purpose, to study the situation, can help coming up with a suggestive solution which has to be presented at the world comity conclave , with all members of the States , both high contracting parties as well as others ( in international law States means nations) and a resolution passed with immediate effect, atleast to bring about a cease fire .Every nation should be encouraged to participate in the conclave through its expert representative at the behest of the UN. Finally it’s for the nations across the globe to understand the consequences of strife, now that it has led to a armed conflict, further, can easily lead to world disorder, and before it begins ,to find ways to put an end to it, because such a war / engulfs not only the weak even the mighty, those who brandish power and the subjects alike, and none are spared from the wheels of conflict.
  Death tolls are rising in Gaza and the leaders of great nations are still devising schemes to bring about cease fire. Humanitarian Laws blatantly transgressed, and the UN along with its allied commission/s is still calculating articles and provisions of…

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Rights of a raped child - Call for a UPC
By Henrietta Newton Martin
Legal Consultant
Sultanate of Oman
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