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VLC 3.0.12 in beta.

Still a maintenance release, calm down :)

* Fix subtitles not reloaded when multitasking
* Fix forward/rewind actions with Assistant
* Improve video player accessibility descriptions
* Stability improvements
* Misc. fixes

* Fix crashes in main screen
* Restore recommendations on Oreo

* Update VLC core

The app seems to buffer a hole lot more on newer devices wilder older models run more smoothly wen streaming

Hi to all.

I have follow this tutorial ""

After some time, I have setup all and compile the vlc library and the android app.

But now I have to integrate de vlc library in to my app, for the first time all looks good, I have manage to play some video files in my server and storage, so perfect.

But now I have try to play an youtube video, that is my primary objective, and never manage to play an youtube video.

I have also place and copy the lua sript files to the assets folder, and make the code to copy to correct folder in the app internal folder, but no positive result.

This is my code:
ArrayList<String> options = new ArrayList<>();

mLibVLC = new LibVLC(this, options);
mMediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(mLibVLC);
IVLCVout ivlcVout = mMediaPlayer.getVLCVout();

private void startPlay() {
String url = mTextUrl.getText().toString();
Media media = new Media(mLibVLC, Uri.parse(url));

Any help or advice on this matter?

Best regards to all.

Can yall add buffering in megabytes.

The app stops the music after the display gets on stand by mode

Hi this app is awesome ..I found some time it is disconnecting from casting device abruptly ...If I navigate or pick up call also it looses cast connectivity

Se podrían ver imágenes de diferentes activos como sucede en Pc?

Any chance for a Material Design 2 UI update?

The vlc is not integrated with the Android auto

Update: Not sure if this forum is still monitored. I've created an issue on the official VLC Issue Tracker:

VLC on Android has a bug which resets the video play position.

If the user pauses the video, switches to another application, and returns, and then switches to another application without resuming, the video will always reset to the start.

This similarly occurs if the user turns off the display, turns on the display to regain focus of VLC, but then switches to another application.

It appears that when the user triggers onResume() and does not press Play, the play time position value is lost, which causes the next onResume() to be null and reset the play position.
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