Hey everyone, 

We apologise that there has been no updates for Commute in very long time.
We have both embarked into new job positions and have been extremely busy.
Another reason for the delay is that we would like to release the new version with the new material design, improved geofencing, improved cards for performance and accuracy.

We apologise, and hope to get an update out as soon as possible.

I was really excited when I found this app. I've been using a spreadsheet to track my commutes to find the best times to travel. Unfortunately I cannot get the app to track my commutes. I've set my home and work but nothing is tracking. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

A great app just what I need, however I find that when setting home and work locations if you then try and use GPS to set your location, it seems to reset both locations. Also if you search by location it would be nice to be able to drag the pin to my house and then be able to press set.

Hey all,

There should be a new update released very shortly.

New UI
LOTS of bug fixes

Keep the feedback coming, we appreciate all the support!
What to expect in the next release:

Cards - Improved cards, new cards and various new features associated with them.
Imperial Units
Improved trip list - more user friendly.
Improved accuracy for geofences and trips.
CSV support.

Any suggestions in the next release please post them!

Happy commuting

Hi Mitchell.  I love the idea of your app but it doesn't behave well for me.  It only seems to track home -> work, and then underreports by anywhere from 5-10min.  
A couple of suggestions that could help me help you figure out why it's misbehaving:
1. Include start date/time on each trip shown on List Of Trips.  I once got a 'trip complete' notification on a trip that I'm pretty sure was neither from my home/work nor to my work/home.  This way I could look back and see if the trip as logged made any sense (ideally I'd like to see a long-press of a trip pop up a map showing the route, but I understand that would be a lot harder than just adding date/time).
2. When the user selects Change Home/Work Location, the map should focus on the currently selected location (if it is already supposed to do that, it isn't working for me).

Ok, a few days of using the app and everything looks good so far.  It is automatically tracking my arrivals and departure and everything is working in the trip list.  It has been confusing "to home" and "to work," but I need to reset them to make sure that it isn't user error.

I love the trip list to get rid of trips that mess up your totals.  I would like the ability to force start/pause still.  If I make a stop on the way home, it would allow me to track actual travel time.  also, if I haven't let my GPS calibrate before I leave the house, it can miss my departure.

I would also love to be able to view details, for example, time left home, time arrived at work.  That would allow you to figure out when the best time to leave is and do some analysis.  Of course, you can expand this a lot, but the basics are all there now.  I would love some analytics.  For example:  If you leave between 7:20 and 7:30, your arrive time is only 4 mins difference than if you leave between 7:40 and 7:45.  Which is true in my case!

Thanks again for all of the hard work.  I'll continue to evaluate!

Just wanted to provide some feedback.  Looks great, yesterday worked perfectly.  Today, the automatic determination of when I arrived at work was off.  The app had me at work while I was still about 3 miles away.  I work on an Air Force base, so it may have been while I was stopped at the gate.

Are there plans for a manual toggle for when you leave/arrive at home/work?
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