Unter LineageOS 7.1.1 gibt es nur Widget mit 4x1 und 5x2.
Bei dem Widget 4x1 kann man keine Verknüpfung auf dem Homescreen machen. Desweiteren wäre ein Widget von 5x1 und ein Intervallabruf von 15 min. schön. Aber ansonsten eine super Geile App. Habe sie mir deswegen auch gekauft. Lg

Hi; on My note 4 with lollipop the amberhome app crashes. Before with 4.4 kitkat all ok.

Danke für das Update, +AmberHome, alles läuft wieder in gewohnter Qualität! 

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New version uploaded to PlayStore (this time without betatest). Will be available soon
New version 2.4.2 with some small changes released (may take some hours until it is available):

  * Interpolation of weather data for current condition to make it more accurate
  * New windspeed unit knots
  * More accurate wind direction names
  * Fix: Some missing translations are now showing correct in english   

Free version also updated: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.amberhome.weather2free

String "Current location" is translated, but in app is showing in english ?

Please push the two new and already translated strings added today ( Select wind speed unit,Knots (kn)) to Google Play ;) Thank you

Just released version 2.4.3 which fixes a stupid bug when running in a not supported language.

Will be available soon on PlayStore.

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String "Widget transparency" cannot be translated, because it is not in the list at getlocalization.com ;)

New autolocation service show me location at Schmiedeberg:
but I'm in Děčín:
Yr.no server knows this location:
Where is the problem ?

String "Celsius (°C)" is in App not translated, why ?
String "Select °C, °F or Kelvin" is displayed at: "Select \u00B0C, \u00B0F or Kelvin", how to write correct translation ?
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