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How Ramzan fasting became compulsory?
What fast was observed before Ramzan fasting?
رمضان کےروزے کیسے فرض ہوئے؟
رمضان کے روزے سے قبل کون ساروزہ رکھا جاتا تھا؟

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Naat Collection 2017
Naat-e-Rasool-e-maqbool (SAW) is a Ramadan Gift specially designed to make your Ramadan beautiful that Contain Hamd, Naats, rabi ul awal naats, Daroodo Salaam,Ramazan Naats, Dous, Maa ki Shan and Many More in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and English languages

Is God merciful? If He is then why did he create Hell?

When Quran says that God does not love the cruel the rejecter of faith and all kind of evil deeds, it is actually a metaphor of referring to rejection and not loving evil deeds. And when God speaks about loving the believers, loving those who are kind, it does not mean that it is exclusive love for those people, it is also a metaphor of love for good deeds. In fact it's morally inadequate for God to say that I love those who do evil and who do good equally and such leaving us with the conclusion that it doesn't make any difference so when Adolf Hitler encounters Mother Teresa in some place in paradise he smiles at her and say Mother Teresa! after all it didn't make any difference. Did it?

If God is not loving then He is all powerful, He wouldn't have given you a chance to live, He let you breath, and He let you eat and provide you food, and after all of that he says still If you repent and come back to me your sins are blotted and I forgive you.

If God is not loving to those who are disobedient then why did God send prophets to them to guide them and show them the straight path and opened the door of his mercy for them?
Minds are like parachutes if you don’t open them you die.

"The idea of God in Atheist's minds"

The only people that remember God as much as believers are atheists. It is a compliment to God that they take God seriously.
In some ways their idea of God is so great that they can't believe in Him. They are disappointed that how can God do this to them.

Homosexuality! What Islam says about it?

If God created some men to like women and some women to like men then what’s the problem if he created some men to like men and some women to like women, why are you guys so against this?

It is a very sensitive topic to speak out In terms of immoral actions, if we criticize homosexuality some people equate this with racism. And such people think that this is something that is beyond their control.

Well Islamic perspective to sexuality is that it is innate desire that is legitimate, that is permitted, and that is completely allowed to enjoy within the confines of marriage.
We [Muslims] don't view sex or sexuality as something inherently negative or evil, God gave us the desire to eat, drink and procreate and every one of these desires can be manifested in a permissible manner and it can be manifested in an impermissible manner. It's good for us to eat but our religion tells us certain foods are harmful to us, it's good for us to drink (natural juices etc.) our religion tells us that alcohol is harmful to us and we should avoid it. Similarly when it comes to sex and sexuality our lord has encouraged us our prophet Muhammad [p.b.u.h] has encouraged us to get married and he has encouraged us to live joyful life. He wanted us to live good healthy sexual lives within marriage, our religion is very explicit about this point.

Quran tells us our lord has created us from male and female and he has made for us spouses from the opposite gender so that we may live in peace and in harmony and find love and comfort in them within the confines of marriage which is a part of parcel of human society. When a family is safe and sound the whole society is safe and sound. We firmly believe that family is the building block of a society therefore anything that harms the family it harms society that is why Islam tells us that divorce is something that really should be avoided as much as possible, It's okay when it is inevitable but the basic rule is family should find peace and happiness within each other. Because when a family is happy society will be happy. That is why Islam says extramarital affairs are not allowed which is a major crime in Islam, similarly Islam also says that finding sexual pleasures within the same gender is unnatural manifestation of a natural urge.

The urge (Sex, Sexuality) is natural, Islam says limit that sex or sexuality to that which is conducive to yourself and to society, and that is marriage.

Somebody can say that it is not my fault, I don't find pleasure in women and my pleasure is in the same gender. He/she says God created me this way. Islamic perspective to that is that every one of us has temptations, desires that sometimes are harmful to us, Islam tells us one of the jobs of our faith is to protect from those desires and temptations that are harmful.

An example can be like I'm a man who is attracted to beautiful women and it is human nature which ingrained in us. (God created us like this). Now does that justifies me lusting after every single beautiful woman on earth? Does that justify me to say I can't help it? Somebody would say I have an urge to steal things, I just want to steal things because there is an urge in me and I can't help it and I just want to take it and steal, when such person is brought in front of judge in a court of law and judge say well Okay God created you like that so you are free to go.

What if a mass murderer says I can't help it, there is an urge in me to kill people?

NO. You can help it.

The urge might be beyond your control but you can cater to it by blocking it. Or by channeling it in permissible manner. If I have lust for a woman who is not allowed for me to lust after then I'll have to control that urge and I have to find happiness within the confines of marriage and that is what Islam tells us to do.

Similarly If a man lust after another man he has one of two options
A: Minimize this urge by finding happiness in women, It is possible and it has happened.
B: If he really finds it impossible well then the only alternative form is to live celibate life. Nobody is forcing a woman on him Nobody Is forcing him to get married. When he thinks that his urge is something that Islam consider to be unnatural then there is nothing for him to do other than to battle that urge just like I or any other person have to battle urges for other women that are not allowed for me.

Being homosexual doesn't disqualify you from being a Muslim, just like drinking, or taking drugs doesn't disqualify you from being a Muslim. What should be told to that Muslim is that according to Islam what you are doing is not according to our faith (Islam).

What are the reasons to believe in God?

Well if we have an ordered universe then surely there must be something that ordered it. Because that is our common human experience. Where we see things working according to laws according to patterns, systems; our common sense/reason tells us there is something must have designed it and must have organized it. So it is perfectly rational/sensible to link the observation of design and the reality of order with intelligence and power and will. It indicates that an intelligent being exist that is wise and powerful.

The second argument is based on causality that everything that happens has a cause, an example of that would be; you are walking along in the desert you find a mobile phone lying there on the sand, although around you in the desert you have the possibility in terms of the basic minerals etc. that you need in order to make a mobile phone. And after millions and millions of years and shifting and changing weather and natural selection we say we get a mobile phone out of all these random events that is ridiculous to say that we get such thing out of such random events.

There are really good rational reasons to believe that the universe has a creator because the design in the universe is apparent everywhere.

The Idea of Free Speech

Free speech is a liberal position. It is an ideological liberal position and not some neutral universal position. Liberals don't present the default position of free speech. Billions of people around the world are not liberals.

It is the most human civility to respect others and that is the starting point of free speech. To insult others is to treat them with gross insensitivity, insolence or contemptuous rudeness. Those who want to allow this, the onus is on them surely to prove such depravity should be allowed or not? The idea of free speech is Freudian theory and politicized in practice.

It is an idea impossible to implement and is not implemented anywhere historically and not even today and not even in liberal democracies. There is no absolute freedom to insult, we have defamation laws, sedition laws, professional standards, general standards about politicians and celebrities.

In Germany, the denial of the holocaust is prohibited by law.

In UK the public order act makes "threatening, abusive or insulting words an offence."
In Australia, the commonwealth criminal code makes it an offence for person to use a poster or similar service in a way that reasonable persons would regard it as offensive.

Free speech is used as a political tool yielded selectively. Who decides about when and how to qualify free speech? it's not about freedom it's about how far power can go, its power using the notion of freedom to extend and reinforce itself.

Who is a Muslim?

This can be defined on different levels. In one sense, if Islam is taken as the exact term ‘submission,’ then there are many creatures, animate and inanimate, that are regarded as Muslim in the sense of submitting themselves to the Will of God. Even a person who is defying the law of God and is defying the teachings of God, in a way, is submitting to God in one level at least so far in the biological function and other various aspects of his or her life that are beyond his or her control. In other words, etymologically strictly speaking you can say that the sun, the moon, the oceans, the vegetation are Muslim that they submit to the laws which are devised by God in nature. So you can say the whole universe willingly or unwillingly submit to the laws of God.

On the second level, and this is perhaps the more important one, the submission must be a willing submission and commitment that the individual makes. This means that there are aspects in our lives as individuals that we have some control over; we have free will in choosing whether or not to do things following the moral laws or the obedience to the commands and guidance of the Creator. If the person willingly submits to God in this sphere of life where he/she has a choice then there will be total harmony between compulsory submission and voluntary submission. In a sense, when any person throughout history has to the best of his or her ability searched for the truth and then submitted his or her will to the Will of God- he or she can be regarded as a Muslim.

Of course from the jurisprudence point of view, if you’re talking about today’s definition of a Muslim within the limitations we can say then that a Muslim is a person who believes in all prophets and messengers that were sent by God throughout history including the last of them Prophet Mohammed and is a person who accepts the last revealed scripture, the Qur’an as the basic guiding aspect in the life of the person.

Indeed many might not realize the fact that the way Islam regards others’ faith as developments, stages, or links in the same faith. A Muslim does not resort to the term religions in the plural state. In fact, the Qur’an indicates that the true faith throughout history even before Mohammed was born is Islam in the sense of submission to the Will of God as we have defined it earlier. There may have been some differences in the legislative aspects of the very specific detailed teachings of the previous prophets in history but the Qur’an indicates that the true faith from the very beginning from Adam down to Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and finally Mohammed is basically Islam. To quote from the Qur’an, there is a verse that says, “The true faith (or the true way) in the sight of God is Islam.” Another verse says, “That whoever seeks any path other than Islam (in a sense of submission to the will of God) will not be accepted from Him and he will be a looser in the Day of Judgment.”

We also read in the Qur’an instructions for the Prophet Mohammed to tell the people. It says, “Say O Mohammed (to the people), I am not an innovator of a new concocted doctrine among the messengers.”

So like links, the previous basic truths that God had revealed to the previous prophets have finally been culminated in the most complete form in the message of prophet Mohammed. So on the basis of that it is no surprise that the Qur’an uses even the exact term ‘Muslim’ to refer not only to the previous prophets but to those who sincerely followed that path.

In chapter 10 verse 84 in the Qur’an prophet Noah is quoted as saying to his people, “I have been commanded to be of those who are Muslims.” The exact word ‘Muslim’ is used here that is of those who submit to God’s will.
Chapter 2 verse 128, quots both Abraham and Ishmael, the Qur’an says, “Abraham! Abraham! (Ishmael says) Oh our lord make us Muslims bowing to your will and also of our progeny people who are Muslims to your will.”
In chapter 112 verse 101, Prophet Joseph is quoted as saying “Creator of the heavens and the earth you are my protector in this world and in the hereafter. Take my soul as this as a Muslim (or one submitting to your will) and unite me with the righteous.”
In chapter 10 verse 84, Moses is quoted as saying, “O my people, if you do really believe in God then in Him put your trust if you are Muslims.”
Finally, in chapter 5 verse 112, it says, “And behold! I (God) inspired the disciple of Jesus to have faith in Me and My apostle. They said, ‘We have faith and do you bare witness that we bow to God as Muslims’.”

In other words, the monumental evidence that you can find in the Qur'an makes it quite clear that the title “Muslim” is something that goes much farther back prior to Prophet Mohammed and so through Prophet Mohammed the total message of Islam or divine revelation that has been given to previous prophets has finally come to full culmination.

This relates even to one of the very common misconceptions when some people start saying, “Oh look some of the teachings of the Qur'an are similar to the bible. Oh Mohammed must have copied them from the bible.” And they forget that the bible and the Old Testament and the New Testament, the Qur'an and any other scriptures reveled are coming from the same source. Instead of admitting the concept of revelation, which is accepted at least with the people who are religious, they instead turn to the idea that the teachings are copied or plagiarized.

Credit: Jamal Badawi

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Is Allah the God of Arabs as Muslims??

Yes! What about Arab Christians? Do you know that the Arab Christians and Arab Jews used the exact same word? In fact in the Arabic bible which is much older than the English bible, you find the word Allah on page 1 of Genesis 17 times.
One example is "For God so loved the world" [John 3:16] if you read the Arabic translation of it, the word God is translated as Allah.
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