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“It is by no means an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, as a dream.” Edgar Allan Poe

Hi Everyone,

In case you've missed it, the Tabletop Roleplayer's Book Club has moved to a new home in our own forum kindly set up and managed by +Mischa Krilov.

You can now find us at

For now, this G+ community will remain open. We won't be accepting any new members here, and we'll be keeping an eye on ways to export the old content from here to the new forum in due time, but for now feel free to browse through

I'm tagging anyone that I can recall participating in a past discussion or who took the time to comment, or expressed an interest in the club. Sorry if I missed anyone. If you have any friends that you think might be interested, whether they were a member here or not, please pass the word.

+Gustavo Iglesias +Ralph Mazza +Ralph Lovegrove +Brad Murray +Neal Durando +Ryan Shelton +Tim Kirk +Jim Jones +Kirt Dankmyer +Daniel Lofton +Brent Newhall +Charlie Etheridge-Nunn +David Miller (KM4VHJ) +Robert Freeman-Day +As If +Bill white +Keith Stetson +Benoit Lescarbeau +Marshall Miller +catty _big +Aonghais MacInnes +Benjamin Baugh +Yochai Gal +Veles Svitlychny +Matthew Skail +Aaron Griffin +Svebor Midzic +Franck Michaux +Francois Labrecque +Neil Smith +Epidiah Ravachol +Dean Overlin - Professional GameMaster's Society +Peter Maranci +Simon Lacombe +John Bell +Mark Delsing +Adrienne Jones +Will Arnold +Judd Karlman +Blain Neufeld

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This caught my notice earlier in the week and might entertain you all (note to UK readers... I don't normally read the Daily Mail but the Tolkien connection meant that it got flagged up...)

Hey, all.

I just finished the copy-and-paste portion of compiling our Slow Read of Lord of the Rings into a single text. Took me about 3 hours total (including a program crash and lost work).

I haven't started any cleanup yet (so there's lots of junk picked up from the copy-and-paste), but the total is 166,108 words, about a third of the total of LotR itself!

This is going to be quite an artifact when it's finally wrought!

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That long-ago glance into the Palantir continued to work its sinister power in mysterious ways. Peregrin Took came to feel that the title of Thane was simply not sufficient for one who had fought in the War of the Ring...

(Actually, a quick snap that tickled my imagination at last weekend's Apple Day in Cambridge, a peculiarly English celebration of apples in all their varieties)

Hey gang, I am testing a poll plugin on the new forum. Can you take a second and cast a few votes? Should take two minutes, tops.

I am delighted to announce, a new forum home we can use for book talk.

At this point in time, registration is open to all in order to make the exodus simpler. In the coming months, we shall see if this needs to be moderated.

Existing Community Moderators +Apocryphal Chris +Ray Otus +Paul Mitchener +clash bowley, please explicitly let me know once you each have made accounts so I can assign appropriate permissions.

There undoubtedly shall be a few bumps and growing pains, but I'm certain it will be fine in the long run. I have made a few forum categories based off the existing ones here. My hope is we can use the site for the next book club selection.

I have a few ideas about importing historic content from this G+ community into the Vanilla forums, but this will be a process.

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Seems as though G+ is shutting down. We have 10 months to transition, but would probably be better off doing this sooner than later. All of our content - past discussions, etc., will likely be lost. This will mark the second time the club has moved (and lost all past content) so we're no stranger. I still have a running log of our books, at least.

This thread is to discuss possible new venues for those who want to continue with the club.

My only existing gaming outlet other than G+ is the RPG Pub gaming forum, and I think they'd be willing to accommodate us with a sub forum of our own, though admittedly I haven't asked yet. We started in a forum and know the format works. A number of us are already members there.

I'm also wondering if a blog format might be a good one for our needs - seems to me it would be pretty similar to what we already do, and maybe in some ways better than a gaming forum (being politics neutral and having more control over who can join). A blog would also be unlikely to shut down unless we want it to. However, what I'm not sure about is whether multiple people can start threads on a blog or just one person. And how easy is it to hold discussions. A few of you have blogs already and may have some thoughts on this.

Are there any other suggestions?


An engrossing account of the Cambridge library.

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Recommendation: read the Broken Earth trilogy.

I picked up the trilogy on the basis of many good reviews and its run of three "best novel" Hugos, one for each book. It's excellent.

Gripping story, compelling characters, loads going on (the opening chapter starts with the end of the world, and Jemisin doesn't pull back from that). The various themes in the books get stronger as the trilogy develops.

I devoured the lot in a very short space of time. Really, really good stuff. Go read.

2. How does the structure of the book relate to the descriptions of the cities? Does it mirror them, contradict them, or is it unrelated?
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