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Color: blue and purple
Armor: extremly Thick scales
Personality: Fast, Brave, Very Strong, Happy, Fun, Playful, mysterious
Gender: male
Likes: Music, new friends, the dark
Dislikes: rude people
Relationship Status:none
Major role: None.
Ethnicity: American
Skills : hacker and computers, martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, and swords, dagers, seeing in the dark´╗┐
Bio:my mom was kiled when i was 6 so i stay with my dad learning 2 fidgt for years, then my dad was killed when i was 15.
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Meanings of stuff for the kingdoms and empire.))

Kingdom of dragon's reach: To protect there people and Dragons

Shadow Kingdom: To darken this world

Norgrod: Hunt every last dragon

Salum: Unite as one.


Kingdom of dragon reach and Norgrod

Empire of Salum and Kingdom of shadows.

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Name: Federick Lawrence
Age: ???
Race: Human/Dragon rider
Eyes: Oranges red
Hair: Black
Color: white
Armor: Steel Plated Paladin armor with a dark cape
Job: Paladin/Dragon rider
Hight: 6.4
Rank: High Paladin
Kingdom: Kingdom of Dragon reach
Weapons: A one handed Sword
Spells: Healing
Sword Enchantment: Bleeding and Holy might (( Makes it glow and more powerful by 10%))
Lives: Hights empire in his Relem
Mood: Neutral
Skills: Taming,Heavy protector, Skilled fighter, and heavy trooper
Role: Heavy fighter
Major role: Helping his Kingdom of Dragon's reach
Bio: Being born in the Kingdom of Dragon Reach a Kingdom who has Dragon Riders Insted of Horse men and only the High Paladins can ride them but Frederick is different from the others he is more of a defender and listener who was born in a Paladin family with his father a High Paladin and his mother a Cliric Paladin. Frederick Trained with his father and mother for years until his Parents death at the battle agenst the Kingdom's of shadows. He grew up taking his fathers part as a high Paladin with 7 other High paladins but he hasn't earned a Dragon yet due to the King thinking about it. So he then heads off to find one or tries to and he has his fathers sword and cape on him. Now he wants to be a holy Dragon rider for his Kingdom and protector of his people.
Cape Emblom: The kingdom of Dragon reach which is a Dragon with a crown on it and it has a red cape or gray one.
((Art By Directer))
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