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Name:Peter Benjamin Parker


Alias:Spider-Man, Iron Spider




Powers:Web Swinging, Wall Crawling, Spider-Sense, Superhuman Strength, Minor Healing Factor, Enhanced Agility

Appearance:Pictures Below For Hero Look, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, White Skin For Civilian Look

Family:Richard Parker (Deceased Father), Mary Parker (Deceased Mother), May Parker (Aunt), Ben Parker (Deceased Uncle), Mary Jane Watson (Wife), May "Mayday" Parker (Daughter), Benjamin Parker (Son)

Love Interests:Gwen Stacy (Formerly, Deceased), Felicia Hardy (Formerly)
Likes:Helping, Saving Lives, Friends, His Family, MJ

Dislikes:Evil People, Bullies

Bio:Peter Parker is the son of Richard and Mary Parker. His parents vanished when he was around 8 and he had been living with his aunt and uncle for many years. At 15 he was bitten by a radioactive spider which granted him superpowers, he originally used those powers for fame but when his uncle Ben was killed he decided to become Spider-Man to ensure that no one else suffers the same fate as Ben, he has had many romantic relationships but the one he mostly enjoyed was his relationship with Mary Jane Watson. He and Mary Jane eventually got married and had a daughter named May, later on they were given another child named Benjamin. Peter always hated leaving them behind but he knew New York needed him. Spidey lives by a code "With great power comes great responsibility."
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Name: Harleen Quinzel
Super/evil name: Harley Quinn
Age: 23
Power: Immunity to most poisons and toxins due to Poison Ivy's injections
Trained in the field of psychiatry
Talented gymnast
Metahuman agility
Enhanced strength
High intelligence
High martial arts skills
Total disregard for human life (apart from Joker & Poison Ivy)
Side: Evil
Likes: Black. Red. Joker. 
Dislikes: Bats
Bio: Harley Quinn, real name Harleen Quinzel, was the sidekick and pseudo-girlfriend of the Joker. She occasionally struck out on her own, and often served as a roommate/accomplice to Poison Ivy.

A flash of brilliant light fills the quiet night  and those who are around it are momentarily blinded. But when there vision returns they see a kneeling figure. He was dressed in what appeared to be old Norse attire covered with exquisite detail. He didn't appear to have any weapons on him, all except the chaotic smile on his face.  As he rose to his feet he gave a low laugh before calling into the night, "You have failed to keep me contained Brother! I will win this war and prove to you that I can be a leader! I WILL PROVE IT!!!! THIS IS MY GLORIOUS PURPOSE THAT I AM BURDENED WITH!!!

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Name: Loki Odinson (NOT)
Super/Evil Name: Loki
Age: Too old for you
Power: Witt, Good looks, Magic, Deception
Side: Neutral
Likes: Power, cold, war, cats
Dislikes: Thor, rainstorms, lightning, Avengers, Odin, losing, cages
Bio: Wacth Thor 1&2, and the Avengers. 
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Name: Melanie Martinez
Evil/Super name: Death touch
Age: 17
Power: death touch
Side: either side
Likes: the dark and no death
Dislikes: making deaths, being alone, and having no family
Bio: Melanie was only a child when she found out, when "it" happened...she killed her parents. she always wondered why they stayed away, telling her that it was safe for her to stay in her she know's that if she touches anyone they will die and there is no way of stoping it
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