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A new sci fi communtiy

It starting well I hope you guys come and expand it

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Dear Followers

I'm here to announce that I'll make communities live longs and forever as possible. So I'll make 3 more communities and they are all link some way possible as I take steps to retiring from being a roleplayer and be a normal high school guy. Well guys it time for my plans for you guys don't be dicks to one another and roleplay together as you could settle yourselves on the battlefield.

To answer one of your guys question I got 3 coming up in different time periods so hopefully you guys enjoy.

PS: If you want small countries group together I'll let it slide and make a fat nation. Also first 5 who make their profile first be a moderator.

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Well guys this communtiy died but I have decided to make a communtiy base off my old one so could you join and reshare thanks

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Vicktor Smith, The Capitalist Republican wishes to form a truce between the Imperium Of Man and The United Federation Of Kimberly. The UFK is slowly becoming a world superpower. The UFK does not want to intimidate the other nations, the UFK wants to form truces with the other nations.

+American Ball

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+Ghost Schmidt
The King, Queen and President of the UFK have all agreed that it would be wise to propose a truce between the two nations. The UFK wishes to expand itself to become a world superpower and does not wish to threaten other nations. The UFK wishes to befriend as many nations as possible.


+American Ball pwease give the Royal Lions and the United Federation Of Kimberly sections in the community ;-;

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The Aldmeri Dominion has fortified their position on Earth, and begin deploying colonies there.

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Name: Karen Lumira
Age: 33
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Imperium of Man
Rank: Colonel
Honorary Rank: Captain (Navy)
Personality: Thorough, steadfast, rugged, reliable
Bio: A rugged and reliable combat engineer, Karen serves with the Imperial Guards to support long campaigns. A woman who leaves nothing to chance Karen will double and triple check everything before giving clearance for a project. Her career was significantly boosted when an aging Avenger - class Grand Cruiser was slated for scrap only to be saved from death by Karen and her engineers. Over the course of several years the ship was brought back to its former glory and then modernized. The Imperial Navy, recognizing her efforts made her an honorary Captain in the Imperial Navy with allowed her to retain command of the ship. The ship now serves under the name Hammer of Destiny.

Physical Appearance
Appearance: Tall (6'2 in) with orange hair, thin but muscular body, long legs, and a cybernetic left arm.
Height: 6'2 in (187.96 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (49.89 kg)

1. Lasrifle
2. Laspistol
3. Saber
1. Binoculars
2. Hand-held radio
3. Light body armor
4. Demolitions equipment
5. Utility belt
Additional Information
1. She lost her left arm during a project when a steel girder crashed through her shoulder.
2. Honorary ranks very rare especially ones that grant command of ships.
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Name: Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
Producer: Imperium of Man
Date of Production: Unknown
Allegiance: Imperium of Man
Description: A well armed and armored cruiser, the Avenger-class served well for its time. It's heavy armor plating and rows of powerful broadside cannons proved it to be a vital asset for the Navy. The large cruisers have proved invaluable at breaking the ranks of enemy ships as well as closing to near-suicidal ranges with their foes so that they cause the maximum amount of damage with each gun. Loved by their crews these versatile ships have a good reputation but are going out of fashion and are being replaced by newer and better warships.

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