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1: Be specific on armor and weapons  
2: No god modding.  
3: Romance is allowed but not sex
4: The game is the topic. No outside stuff  
5: Picture is required (this includes pictures of your character from the game)  
6: you can only use one exotic armor piece and one exotic weapon like in the game
7. This isn't a how to community. So please don't start posting questions

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Name - Leo Reinhart
Race - Exo
Gender - Male
Class - Hunter.
Weapons; Hawkmoon, 1000 Yard Stare and Harrowed Quillim's Terminus.
Faction - Future War Cult
Ghost - Faolan
Biography - (Short, sorry.)
_"Hello, sorry but this is a transcript from awhile ago I decided to record if I ever went Missing. Hey, Name's Leo Reinhart. I've been Here at the tower for years now, I've seen it all; Toland, Dredgen Yor, Eris and her team... Many things. I believe that our world will soon be taken over, and their may not be anything we could do about it. Hence I was friends with Yor himself for a good while...I stayed friends with him until he was corrupted. His Ghost and I wanted him to stay that noble man he was, but...He's gone now.
I know of the Hunter with the Red Death. I've read all about him. I've ignored Vanguard policy. I've stolen Toland's books that he took from the hive.. I've learned about Thorn, Necrochasm and the Book of Sorrows, Please to anything who is reading this; DO NOT TELL ANYONE. 
I. Leo Reinhart, Is in possession of Yor's Thorn... I do not use it, but I hide it. I do not want anyone using it.


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Name: Azmuk-Dūl, Strength of Savathûn
Gender: Male
Species: Hive
Rank: Ultra-Knight
Age: ????
Faction: ????
-long range: Hive Boomer
-Short range: Large Cleaver
Bio: An Ultra Knight and one of Savathûn's strongest soldiers, Azmuk-Dūl commands a very large portion of His Queen's army.

I'm trying to get 10 energy drains for a quest

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(( +Master DA​ ))

Eris, Martyr and the Vanguards were healding a meeting about the problem. The darkness was getting stronger and the Guardians fewer. Sundenly a warlock walked inside the hall "Warlock!" Ikora said as she and the others turned to them "Athena! We are helding a meeting right now." Cayde-6 said and she just started at them with no respond "Guardian." Eris Began "It's not time for games. What do you want?"

She moved closer "Again talking about the darkness?" she said in a silent kinda scary tone.

((Ask if you want to join))

(Open roleplay, No Text talk. )
I've decided to meet Oryx here In The Caloris Spires.

Fenix Crux walked over to The area where Oryx and Him were supposed to meet up at, as Fenix arrived to where Oryx was, He spoke out, almost catching Oryx off guard.

"I have made my Decision Oryx, Infuse my Light with your Darkness, Make me stronger and we will work together*

Oryx had just nodded "You, A Guardian of the Light, Willing to be in assistance of destroying your kind"
Oryx looked down at the Titan, a worthy being of being infused with Darkness as well as with his light

Fenix stared blantly at his bloody hands, then Spoke in a Serious tone
"They made their decision to banish me, they made the stupid mistake of banishing the Only guardian that could heal with either the light or the Darkness. I have nothing to live for, I have helped ones of the Darkness, Fallen.. and Hive alike"

Oryx nodded, beginning to Infuse Fenix's light with his Darkness, he was surprised that a Guardian would surrender themselves to him, for reasons of making the Titan stronger

Fenix kept his mouth shut from the empowering amount of pain in his body, no one would know of this Darkness infusion, except for those two, and those two only.

"It is done, Fenix. You're not entirely immortal, but you're stronger and will endure much more pain"

Oryx had disappeared from sight, leaving Fenix Crux alone once again, but now he had changed. He was not one of the Taken. Fenix's personality never changed, as the Darkness didn't effect anything but his strength and endurance to pain.

(Oh, I may end up turning this into a story.. God this is awesome.)

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Update to Martyr-97

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Amy Walked around the last city getting some air after a long job on the moon when she heard someone following her she turned around to find nothing at all, cautiously she continued to walk around trying to sè if who ever was following her still was ((open))

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In the massive cargo plane graveyard on the Cosmodrome, the Fallen Captain Shaxa rides her Pike in search of a Guardian she thought she saw pass by. She dismounts her vehicle and allows her Servitor to deconstruct it for later use. ( +Master DA )

Fenix woke up hours later, he was still bleeding out from his fatal wounds that happened earlier that day. He looked at his transmissions, None from Cayde

I'm.. Someone has to put me down.. I have nothing to live for.
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